Act 2 enter TP to black screen with blue exits but can’t move

Act 2 enter TP to black screen with blue exits but can’t move

I am a HC WW Barb going through the campaign in ACT 2. My current objective is Blood and Sand. When I return through the TP, I come to a black screen that shows the exits and a few items onscreen. I cannot walk anywhere or TP back to town. I can use skills like Leap to move around a bit, but can never go through any of the exits.

I can only leave the game. I do leave but when I create a new game, I get the same issue when I enter my TP.

I went through the most recent wp and was able to enter where I was without issue. It was just getting back to that point through the TP. Zoltan was there to give me instruction when I returned. Don’t know if thats important, but I’m trying to give the best details I can.

I can provide screen shots if needed.

I have the same problem. Current quest is “Blood and Sand” and using the town portal sends me to a black room where I cannot move around.

My current game version is You can find screenshots of the problem here:

h ttps:// (*)
h ttps:// (*)

(*) For some reason, I am not allowed to include links in this post. Please remove the space between “h” and “ttps” to view the images.


Yes… you need to reach the TL 3 level to post pictures… in the meantime, you can only post a link converted to preformatted text. There are instructions on how to do that here:

Learn to do it properly – please do not use spaces.

Allow me to post a preview of your picture:

Are your graphic card drivers up to date ? It sounds like this should be posted on Technical Support - not Bug Report - forum.

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Hi again :

There’s something that I find strange in your screenshot… here’s what I see when I enter the Ancient Waterway (click on the image to zoom in - hit Esc to return to this text):

Notice that it says “Ancient Waterway” in the upper right corner of the image… your screenshot shows “Hidden Camp”.

Also… the doors appear to be all closed on your screenshot. When I take one step forward towards the left, I can see the doorway on the minimap.


What happens if :

  • You run a Game repair; see
  • You repeat the last quest; to do that, from the main menu:
    • Click Game Settings – a new panel will pop up;
    • Click Change – a list of quests will appear;
    • Click on “6. Betrayer of the Horadrim”, and then on “The Forgotten Ruins”
    • Click on OK – a warning will pop up that you’re about to erase your current progress; are you sure ? – click on OK ;
    • Click on Start Game
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It looks like they teleported to the Ancient Waterway from the Hidden Camp. But, before the Ancient Waterway map could finish rendering, the screen froze. So, you’re seeing parts of the Ancient Waterway superimposed on top of the Hidden Camp map. (Notice in the lower right corner, under the Chat Window: The pots you see lying on the ground when you’re in town. And, as you mentioned: The mini-map hasn’t updated to the “Ancient Waterway”).

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Good catch !!   :+1:

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