Achievement not responding

I’ve completed the new Darkening of Tristram challenge of starting a lv1 character and killing the Dark Lord and the achievement refuses to unlock and recognize it. How do i get it to recognize or do i have do do it with every lv1 champion?

Have been answered multiple times (every year). Repeat as follows:

  • Make sure don’t leave game before you kill Diablo. If you left game, you are not starting with level 1 when you come back. You must recreate the hero and start over again.

  • Make sure you have 0 EXP when entering the portal. i.e. don’t kill any monsters, and don’t read any lore book before entering the portal.

  • You may teleport back to town at any time.


As long as your original Level 1 Character entered the Tristram Portal with 0 XP, you should be able to use that same Character.

Just make sure that once you start Labyrinth Level 1 you do not leave the game until you’ve completed all 16 Levels and killed The Dark Lord.

You did not specify which Achievement would not unlock. If you are trying to get all of the Achievements and their rewards, you might want to take a look at [SPOILER] The Darkening of Tristram Guide.
Good luck and good hunting!