Absolute NOOB advice


So I’ve had D3 on Switch for about 24 hours now. I’ve never played before. I’m loving the game and I just got the first sword piece from the witch in act 1. The problem I’m having is that I have no idea how I should be progressing my build (wizard).

Idk what to keep
What to sell
What to salvage
How to upgrade gear
What to upgrade
What TF is training and what should I train.
And on and on

Basically I understand the general gameplay mechanics and nothing else.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Links to good YouTube how-to videos, whatever you can give


See if anything here helps: Diablo 3 Beginners Guide Switch


The best advice is to just explore everything, try out all the skills, play around with enchanting, purchasing, salvaging, crafting items. Also check out the options available in the menus. Take your first trip through the campaign as a learning experience. The time to make mistakes is while you are leveling up, since none of the items you find now will be all that useful later on.


icy-veins has a fresh leveling guide that might help you. I can’t link web addresses, so google it. Best way to learn is just to play. Have fun and good luck!


Thanks all! I’ll take a look. I’ve been playing I just didn’t want to do something now that was going to severely limit my character later on.




Beginner’s Guide to Seasons in Diablo 3

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If you want to see what happens at the end of a season, i.e. your heroes, your gear, your XP / paragon, your stash contents, and so on this blog explains it all. (The end of Season 14 was the last time such a blog was published, but the process remains the same)
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If there are problems with the service, it will generally be announced and updated on Twitter rather than the forums…
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I can’t see what level you are but until you get to level 70 gearing et all is temporary - feel free to experiment.
At level 70 you should start homing in on the 6 piece set items that you find intriguing and want to try. This is when the build starts getting important, as you have to play in at least torment 1 to get set piece drops.


Thanks again everyone. I’ll start digging in. I’m fortunate enough that I get about 4 hours a night (at work :joy:) of play time so I’m grinding it as hard as I can. Jumped up to master and am now currently at level 33. My coworker says I’m right near the end of act 1 though idk what that says about my progression rate. I really do appreciate the quality responses you guys posted so quickly. The game is 7 years old but there is still help for a noob like me.