About wording of ptr patch notes

Should it be “Feared or Frozen”?

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Probably a fair critique. You don’t need both, you need either or. I’ll make sure this gets updated for the final version.


change frozen to SLOWED pls.

Slow is too common to make it meaningful as an option. It’s like saying everything should be flat +%dmg…

A better question is whether stun also counts for the 2 piece damage bonus, since the build is forced to use all Frenzy runes, and Smite rune is a stun, not a freeze.

If stun doesn’t count for the 2 piece, then Smite is actually counter-productive to the set, as it causes diminishing returns for freeze and fear effects.

edit: Maybe at least disable the Smite rune activation from Undisputed Champion legendary effect as a half-measure?


This thread made me think of the unrelated … why was the crusader hammer animation cancelling change not mentioned in the notes?

Are you talking about this line in the notes?

  • Heaven’s Fury
  • The animation for the Fires of Heaven rune can no longer be cancelled early.

Is it inaccurate?

They need to add an affix that won’t suffer from diminishing returns so quickly AND that Barbarians can apply in a way that works for the set.

I am referring to this tidbit from the datamine:


Just curious, don’t really care if the change exists in this case yet, but I do care if it isnt in the notes but should be.:slightly_smiling_face:

Edit… updated url.

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The patch notes states Fire of Heaven animation cancelling has been disabled, but datamining (url linked by cratic) states Blessed Hammers also disabled its animation cancelling but not listed on patch notes.

Basically No Recast Until Last Anim Frame: 1 this code are added to both Fires of heaven and Blessed Hammer skills from d3p datamine.