A Realistic Better Idea for spawning D Clone

Personally speaking i’d rather simply sell a soj or two to make it spawn (not the old way of course that was a bit random, simply selling a soj or two to guarantee making it spawn so that you can kill it privately) and farm that much andy while also gather other nice uniques.


Kill 666 diablos next private game you make dclone spawns :stuck_out_tongue:


If dupers are out of D2R, which I believe it will be, making SoJ very hard to come by, then maybe they could keep the system somewhat similar, though not needing to sell like 4000 of them, which would be impossible, but if a team could get together and sell like 5-10 of them, making the Dclone extremely rare and extremely important event, especially in HC.

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the system is staying the same, at least at launch they have already said that.

So we are all playing in 1 of like 200 ip’s ? same as before?

have no clue how many ips are involved but it’s the same method to summmon

That maybe so, but I don’t expect to get a dclone for a long time anyway so even if they added this a week, a month, 6 months down the road, I would take it lol. They just need a better system in place. A realistic one.

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In where I think it’s a necessary evil (pun) that they had to handle soj duping…I’m not sure how easy it is to dupe anymore. But only spawn on 99?

If you want more people to find him…this is not de wey. I’d venture to guess the vast majority of casual players will never see it past 92-94. And the time to get to 99…goodbye chance of seeing an Anni on HC.

Plus, I’d worry about how much easier it would be to actually spawn him if they do something like (ex idea) organs +essence +standardofheroes so I’m kinda good with the soj selling but maybe tweak the numbers a teeny bit (if duping doesn’t exist anymore but I’m not 100% sure they have a handle on that).


And another thought, I think hitting 99 is an achievement in and of itself, just like a grail. I don’t think more incentive to reach max is “necessary” because with the time you need to put in to get there, that’s a pretty fn good achievement alone.

If we push dclone on 99 ding, the whiners will be out for xp tweak cause “itssss 2 hard, nerf xp and buff xp gain”.

I’d say, lower soj count as long as they broke duping. If not, maybe a cube idea would be good but not make it as easy as leg+TP.


Frick soj
People only want it because of nostalgia, if blizzard didn’t have the issue of duped they would have made it differently

Soj isn’t their vision of how to spawn Dclone

D2R Dclone should be spawn by selling Unique items

2 ways to approach it

  • Unique items have a %chance to spawn dclone base on their rarity
    Ie: mang song has 99% chance to spawn it while rixot’s keen 1%


  • based on rarity, unique items have a value and this goes toward global counter and Dclone spawns in the game of the one that sold the last item+ x other games
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A couple of DClone ideas I’ve had:

1. They could make a weekly thing. 1 week you have to find lenymos to sell to spawn DClone. Another week you have to find ribcrackers to sell to spawn DClone. Set number would have to be sold for DClone to spawn. The only way for anyone to have DClone spawn in their game is if you had found one, and sold it during that week of whatever item is up for selling to spawn DClone. Also, items would be flagged for selling if you traded for the item that is up for selling to spawn DClone. You have to find the item yourself, and not be traded for.

2. Since it is global servers if it still works the same way, and people can see SoJ’s sold to merchants I believe they could make a value of 1-100 sold to spawn him. Every hour everyone gets a chance to guess a number between 1-100. If you guess right you can make a game, and he spawns in that game. If DClone doesn’t spawn within that hour it carries over to the next hour. If you had already guessed a number on the previous hour you can’t guess another number on the carry over hour, and can only guess one number after each DClone spawn.

3. What about if we think backwards. Instead of selling SoJ’s to spawn DClone, what if he is spawned by the number of SoJ’s that drop somehow? Maybe like every 100 SoJ’s dropped(found) globally he spawns on that 100th drop. It resets, and the next 100th drop will spawn DClone. This will make Anni extremely rare because it all depends on who gets the 100th drop of a SoJ found. Although SoJ’s are extremely rare to find as it is so this would definitely make Anni’s rare. Or, another idea on this is strictly whoever finds a SoJ(it has to drop from a monster, not be duped if people do end up duping items, and whether solo self found, or in a group) then DClone automatically spawns on the next Super Unique in that game. That way people will get rewarded for finding a SoJ to spawn DClone. Only thing is it would have to be a Hell game since DClone can’t spawn in NM, or Norm. Unless they remove this restriction. Would have to get a high enough character in that NM, or Norm game to kill him.

4. Another idea could be during a daily timeframe Blizzard could set different time parameters for the finding of a SoJ, and if you find one during that timeframe you can use that SoJ to either keep, or sell to spawn DClone in your game. Example: D2: R launches Thursday, September 23rd. Let’s say they announce Friday, September 24th 1:00P.M. PST to 9:00P.M. PST to find SoJ for DClone. If you play during those hours, and find a SoJ you can have a chance at spawning DClone if you choose to sell that SoJ to spawn DClone. Next day Saturday, September 25th they could use same timeframes, or switch it up, and allow shorter, or longer periods to find a SoJ to use for DClone. This seems like a pretty good idea because people may switch from Baal runs, etc. and group/solo MF to try to find that SoJ during the timeframe set forth.

5. Game gold could involve spawning DClone. Either from gambling a low chance item to spawn him, or at least have a part in spawning him. This would make game gold more valuable!

Stopped reading here.

The world event is a rare event, it requires a hard job to make it happen and that is what makes it special and worthy. Making it easier so every player can do it without the effort it rquires now, would downgrade the feature and make it worthless.

Not every diablo 2 player is supposed to kill dclone, only hardcore players are supposed to do it, casuals are not. There were people in the past that runned irc channels to share info about soj counts, some permed games for days using the a1 campfire to dont miss a walk.

It is an special event that leads to get an special item and that is how it must remain.

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Don’t forget about Act 5 above the stash and bottom stairs! :slight_smile:

I know, but i always used that campfire, it has been many years since the last time…

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Well with it still being a community event, expect a bunch of AFK Annihilus farmers. If it’s still IP based, then expect groups to monitor counts, hoard them and control when they drop.

Personally I’d rather it NOT be IP based and instead be a base low chance for everyone, with an increase of your chance if you sell one or more of the SoJs.

That’s why I think DClone Spawn should be involved not selling SoJ’s, but finding/when one drops. Would be a much better solution!

That is how it worked in the golden times for clone hunting isnt it?

There is already a blue post confirming the same 80-120 soj sold to spawn it mechanic is preserved, i think it will need adjustments in the future.

I dissagree with that, joining a goup of friends to make a private walk is a big part of the history of this game and that must be preserved. If the mechanic is ever to be changed it must be changed for a new one that still lets the walk to be forced at will and not a random event.

Theoretical chance system:

Base chance of DClone popping in your game when the global even triggers: 0.5%
That’s one in every 200 events. Or a single DClone spawn per account every 15,000 to 24,000 (19,500 average) global SoJ sales.

If you sell SoJ’s, you not only contribute to the next event, but you also boost your chances:
If you sell 1 SoJ, the base chance is doubled.
If you sell 2 SoJ, the base chance is quadrupled.
If you sell 3 SoJ, the base chance is octupled.
Selling 8 SoJ’s would guarantee you DClone to spawn. (128%)

You ride the percentage chance until DClone shows up in your game. Once DClone pops for you whether it’s the next event, or 5 events from now, the chance is reset back to 0.5%. Not being online or not being in a Hell game during an event doesn’t negate your chance, you’ll just have to wait until the next event happens.

It’s just an idea to demonstrate the mechanics, the base chance could be raised or lowered, the chance multiplication per SoJ sold could be increased or decreased, the chance per SoJ could be additive, etc… However I think selling 10 SoJ’s should be the maximum limit on how many guarantee a single account a 100% chance for DClone to spawn

Bringing the base chance down to 0.2% with every SoJ doubling the base chance would require 9 SoJ’s for a 100% (102.4%) chance of a DClone spawn.
The base chance being one in every 500 events. Or a single DClone spawn per account every 37,500 to 60,000 (48,750 average) global SoJ sales.

Edits: More details, corrections.

With that progression, you would have a 124% chance of a walk after having sold just seven soj. That is an absurd low ammount imo.

Ok, my maths were wrong, 9 sojs needed, they are still too few by far.

Or, here is another idea to add to that. Let’s say instead of 75-120 SoJ’s sold globally to pop him, but 75-120 SoJ’s found/dropped globally would spawn him. Whenever that certain number(let’s say 80th SoJ is found) DClone will spawn on that IP address if it’s still based upon IP address, and whoever happens to be on that IP address in a Hell game would have DClone spawn. That way people aren’t IP hunting, but rather get lucky being on that IP address when that certain number of SoJ’s are found/dropped!