A Realistic Better Idea for spawning D Clone

Theoretical chance system:

Base chance of DClone popping in your game when the global even triggers: 0.5%
That’s one in every 200 events. Or a single DClone spawn per account every 15,000 to 24,000 (19,500 average) global SoJ sales.

If you sell SoJ’s, you not only contribute to the next event, but you also boost your chances:
If you sell 1 SoJ, the base chance is doubled.
If you sell 2 SoJ, the base chance is quadrupled.
If you sell 3 SoJ, the base chance is octupled.
Selling 8 SoJ’s would guarantee you DClone to spawn. (128%)

You ride the percentage chance until DClone shows up in your game. Once DClone pops for you whether it’s the next event, or 5 events from now, the chance is reset back to 0.5%. Not being online or not being in a Hell game during an event doesn’t negate your chance, you’ll just have to wait until the next event happens.

It’s just an idea to demonstrate the mechanics, the base chance could be raised or lowered, the chance multiplication per SoJ sold could be increased or decreased, the chance per SoJ could be additive, etc… However I think selling 10 SoJ’s should be the maximum limit on how many guarantee a single account a 100% chance for DClone to spawn

Bringing the base chance down to 0.2% with every SoJ doubling the base chance would require 9 SoJ’s for a 100% (102.4%) chance of a DClone spawn.
The base chance being one in every 500 events. Or a single DClone spawn per account every 37,500 to 60,000 (48,750 average) global SoJ sales.

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With that progression, you would have a 124% chance of a walk after having sold just seven soj. That is an absurd low ammount imo.

Ok, my maths were wrong, 9 sojs needed, they are still too few by far.

Or, here is another idea to add to that. Let’s say instead of 75-120 SoJ’s sold globally to pop him, but 75-120 SoJ’s found/dropped globally would spawn him. Whenever that certain number(let’s say 80th SoJ is found) DClone will spawn on that IP address if it’s still based upon IP address, and whoever happens to be on that IP address in a Hell game would have DClone spawn. That way people aren’t IP hunting, but rather get lucky being on that IP address when that certain number of SoJ’s are found/dropped!

Topic creator is a clown. http s://d2.maxroll.gg/d2-drop-calculator#d1;p8,8;monster=boss,andariel,quest

remove the space between the http and s

NM Andriel drops SOJ 1:2000 kills. That means with 1 million killing her on release night there will already be ~500 SOJS. It sounds like you’re trying to play Diablo 3 where there is no community.

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first of all no, and do you even fathom how long it actually takes to get to level 99? D-clone as it is you would see more of him then getting to level 99.I dont think people even realize its not how many soj’s you sell its an accumulated thing…right? Just like vanilla I hope

I was a part of those groups and as much as I loved DcloneIRC and the friends I made there I’m 30 and don’t have that kind of time any more. Making something that difficult to even access, only incentivized duping as a means to further divide the haves and the have nots in the D2 economy. I had IP scanners and bots to make games for me until I got one or more on a server with a planned walk. I have ZERO intention of bothering to do that again. D2 was a great game with a lot of clunk. Not removing the clunk for because "that’s just the way it was doesn’t make any sense.

(Its not like randoms who get a dclone spawn will even have a build capable of killing it. So why gatekeep them out to the fun of getting killed by dclone 40 times before having to go find someone to help?)

I rather him spawn from selling junk uniques or after a certain number of monsters have been slain.

lmfao are you serious? 1:2000 x 120 = 240k andy runs. That will guarentee you get him to pop. Other than you could literally just waste your sojs, imagine having 10 sojs and you wasted all of them, there went only 20k andy runs. No biggie right? People have live’s man, lvl 99 is way faster, still takes a long time, but if your talking about community. Best way to do a baal run is exp shrine, d, nilithak, baal. To make all that happen efficently you need a team to cover all those roles. There’s your community, nub. People quit leveling to 99 cuz there is no incentive other than leaderboard/certain pvp builds.

I’d rather they shift if away from SoJs all together. Require the same number of sales as when there were so many duped SoJs, but instead of those, require people to use skill gcs. They also take up more space, but they are easier to get. Somebody may have to sacrifice skillers they “need”

I’m gonna have to disagree with OP. Every child does not deserve a trophy just for playing. There’s nothing wrong with the way it is. It’s supposed to be really hard to get. Just my 2 cents :wink:


Keep telling that over and over: Grind is not hard. The dclone fight is hard.

Farming andariel for sojs for countless hours isn’t an great achievement, everone with a little skill can kill hell andy. Same goes with reaching lvl 99 it’s not “hard” it just takes forever, that’s not the same.

For me, they could make spawn DClone with a button click (okay, thats exaggerated sorry), if just the battle is hard enough.

PezRadar had an edit on his post about the SoJ values.

The world event is not meant for those that do not want to/can spend their time and effort getting it, it is for those who do. If you are no longer willing to spend your time there, you should not expect to be able to do it. Those that were not willing to spend their time when you did in the past also didnt expect to be able to do it.

I mean, reading your words, this event is no longer for you.

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I think that the mechanic will remain and the number of soj will be adjusted depending on how often the event happens.

Nah, I’ll get it done one way or another. I just won’t religiously hunt them with the fury of a bored adolescent

have rare ingredients that drop from bosses and combine it to form an item that can spawn D clone in your game. none of this soj BS. It worked in the past because SOJs were mass duped. Those mass dupes no longer exist. If we don’t change the system, Anni’s will end up costing an entire account.

Exactly, do people really want the Anni to be a astronomically rare item that goes for $500 USD+? I recall obtainable Annis being a part of my ‘original d2 experience’. This game already has astronomically rare items for the holy grail hunter types, like a perfect eth fathom for example.

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Dclone spawn should be simple. Kill every single mob in all acts. Dclone spawns. A counter that tells you if there’s mobs left, and in what zones by waypoint markers.

Everyone can do this, but it’s exhausting, and you can do it in however big or small of a group you want. No exclusions.

Though it’s hard for me as an end-user to anticipate how often dclone will spawn with current implementation, my guess is that we’ll have dclones spawning within 1-2 weeks of ladder start. It all depends on how many users are actively playing. If we have anywhere close to 100K users on Bnet, and SOJs sold is counted globally and not just on the server you’re on, I imagine it will be quite easy for communities to coordinate a sell-off. If you are in one of these communities or happen to be online you’ll get dclone. So I’d say just be prepared to tackle him when he does spawn!

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This is a good way of looking at it. Literally million(s) of players from all sorts of communities, Twitch, reddit, discord, d2jsp, etc will be organizing these events. There should be plenty of opportunities to get an anni, if you miss one, you’ll get the next one. PezRadar’s also ready to adjust the soj values if it does end up being too difficult.