A Fire Ally bug,plz fix it,Blizzard

The Fire Ally can’t use area damage. For example, your Monk has 100 area damage, but the Fire Ally can only use 1%, that is, it can only use 1 area damage. This bug has always existed. Because the Fire Ally was too powerful in the past, the loss of area damage was not very important,so it was mentioned by few players. Now Inna has been nerfed. Blizzard,plz fix this bug,is a compensation to Fire Ally,thx.

By definition and your own admission, this is not a bug but a design decision that has been working as intended since inception… so, this belongs in the “I want something” and not “fix something” area of the forums.

Water Ally can use area damage, but Fire Ally can’t. It doesn’t make sense.