A couple thoughts on how to improve s27 theme

Hey there Blizz.

Having another season theme based entirely around a consumable with a super low drop rate shows that you haven’t learned much about how the community feels about that method. So here I am with a few ideas for how to improve the season theme. I won’t be saying anything about the specific powers other than to say: some of them are awesome, please make the boring ones more awesome. This all about how to make the season theme more engaging, more fun (maybe) and more accessible.

Idea 1) Angelic crucibles are no longer consumables. Instead, they are charms. As long as you only have one identified angelic charm in your bag, it grants you the relevant power for your class. And to make up for not stat boosting an item, it also gives you some stats. Like ethereals, these can drop anywhere and at any level.

Idea 2) There are no angelic crucibles. There’s a seasonal NPC, the Angelic Smith. Want to sanctify an item? You take a legendary item to the NPC. She tells you okay, but first you have to kill 1000 demons with it equipped. So you equip it and run some bounties or 10 GRs or a few Echoing Nightmares (haha, j/k, good luck finding those PS). You see a buff indicator counting the demon kills. Once it reaches 1000, you go back to the Angelic Smith. She says, cool, good job, and then sanctifies the item. This boosts the stats that are already on the item to max and adds your choice of the three powers for your class.

Idea 3) Sanctifying an item is a new cube recipe. Takes bounty mats and other stuff, about the same cost as a normal reforge. Okay, this is kind of boring, but at least it’s easy to do and isn’t free.

That’s it for now.

Tbh, it’s much easier and better simply to buff it’s drop rate than implementing one of above.


Yeah, it’s way to late to implement the theme in any other way.
Huge buff to droprates is the only practical way to go.


It’s weird how these responses sound like they’re coming from blizz devs that don’t want to take the time to make an improvement. Otherwise, how would you know how long it would take to implement? Adding a new cube recipe might be as simple as updating a single config file or adding one row to a db table. Even if it would take a week, wouldn’t that be worth it if it made the whole 3-6 month long season way better?

In any event, at the very least, it would be nice if we could stop having gated season themes that require so much effort just to get involved when unlocking the season theme for everyone immediately at level 1 is really easy to do.


This is more important than the drop rate thing. There should be immediate satisfaction finding out which effect you acquired, not disappointment if you get a weak one. Many sanctified effects are skill based and the power disparity between meta skills and ordinary ones in some cases is larger than the effect itself.

I see this being a major issue for Crusaders with 2 of 3 effects being terrible.


Absolutely. If there’s any evidence that the devs are lazy and unimaginative its the fact that you can tell which powers were given next to no thought and only exist to fill a quota - the “standard minimum 3 options for variety”. While other classes have abilities that multiply DPS by a factor of 2-3, the free FOH power represents less than a 25% increase in damage output. The fact that this went UNCHANGED through a 2nd PTR patch is inexcusable laziness from a game design perspective.

Season 27 still on, fingers crossed the big issues will be ironed out for 28.

I proposed to put the sanctified power in the cube 2 days after the release of the PTR, I just realize they don’t have any resources on D3.

So blizzard really struggles with getting people to play there games which is why daily unique log ins are always so low. So take what you are saying about game and drop rate improvements and apply them as a weekly bounty rather than the stupid bounties now and the useless challenge rifts with set ups no one would ever play.

Tyrael, “You have finished all 5 bounties this (day) week and completed (5 + ect) Rifts. Here are your rewards. Here take these (3+) Crucibles and come back next week” … Cain, “Well done my friend, you have done all the weekly challenges. You have earned a reward.”

D3 fails because it is a leaderboard game and not an activity game. when your game is made for the top 1 percent of people who play ten hours a day and have nothing for the every day players… they log out!!! D3 could be so so much better.

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