7% ias vs 10% damage vs 1000 dex for dawn?

Need some advice on what to roll on dawn. 10% seems to be slightly inferior to 1000 dex but 7ias allows me to reach the break point right? d3planner .com/889103074

You are using Vallas Bequest --> breakpoints are not important for you.

So yeah go with the 10% or Elitedmg as you already have cooldown and ad. Id roll elitedmg ^^

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10% damage on 1handed fast weapons has always been noob bait.

Says the naysayer.

Just kidding, but I want to point out that you’re wrong because 10% damage is one of the best affixes when 1h crossbow is used with a quiver in OH .


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Well because then you get the full 10%.

With DW is it split in half essentially if i understood it correctly. I mean it wouldnt be an monumental error as he already has 10% on his offhand anyhow, but prob the 1k dex still gives him more than 5%.

As far as damage is concerned, OP has enough paragon and augments to make 10% damage better than 1000 Dex even if he dual wields.

His Valla’s Bequest rolled 9% damage when it dropped, so it’s expected that he still rerolls Strafe skill bonus to a more useful affix.

this. 10% dmg seems a bit over 1% dmg compared to dex, may not seem like a lot but in endgame, anything is a plus

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i too refuse to alter my original vanilla level 60’s.

Another question about a proper enchanting of Dawn. Suddenly reforged in cube with 10% dmg/1000 dex/7% ias. So, should I roll 7% ias to 24% AD, or dex to 24% AD?

I’m no expert but I’d roll IAS to AD. When using Valla’s together with that Dawn, the extra IAS doesn’t really help.

Someone more knowledgeable please correct me if I’m wrong.

Lol, why didnt you take the time to read some of the thread, its not that long. The autor of this thread asked the same question.

As mentioned above Ias is a completly useless roll with dual wield + vallas so roll ias to Ad as kirottu metioned

I’ve already read another, more detailed, opinion. 7% IAS in weapon is important to reach breakpoint 2.51 ( with quiver or even with dual wielding ). This is +20% damage. At the same time, the higher paragon/better gear the less damage comes from DEX. 1000 DEX gives only +5% damage at 20000 DEX.

The only breakpoint that really gives you a big damage-boost is 9FPS on Strafe as the GoD-Set also has an internal cooldown of 9 FPS. This way you shoot the maximum amount of Hungering Arrows.

This breakpoint can just be achieved with 2H-Weapons not with 1H.

So whenever you are running 1H-Weapons your Strafe BP and your GoD BP will be out of Sync. The extra pierces from Vallas Bequest compensate for that as they can procc additional Hungering Arrows up to a point where it is close to a perf 9 FPS Szenario.

The 1000 Dex not only gives you 5% dmg but also 1000 Armor --> roll off the 7 Ias that sure wont give you 20% dmg or…just stick with whatever you did read, but then why ask in the first place. The ias will give you some extra dmg maybe but not more than 5% so acutally it doesnt really matter. You lose some toughness if you roll of dex, but if its what you want to do , do it