600 paragon and no echoing nightmares

I’ve got another character on my switch up to 600 paragon and no echo of nightmares yet?!? Who setup up this insane drop rate? I’ve got a primal (doing a 70gr) and a ramaldi’s already. This is ridiculous. They’re going to frustrate a lot of players with the drop rate to end their seasons earlier or maybe stop playing altogether. Drop rate like these and their stupidity and randomness (the same constant items usually) is why I’m glad I can cheat on the switch and other consoles. And they wonder why people cheat?
Even the latest challenge rifts have been terrible lately.
And will blizzard finally keep one or more of the older and better seasons instead of wiping them all the time like ethereals or soul shards…


I can’t even imagine how badly ethereals + soul shards would break this game.

Imagine fighting difficult final boss but you figure out how to make it so that boss can’t attack you.

The key to getting them is to be able to progress your character or choose one if you have more than one in a season that can easily farm GR90 in about 2-3 minutes. I am using a GoD HA Demon Hunter for speedy GR90s. I got around 29 screams and I am just a little over 1k paragon. I had around 7 due to luck at around the same paragon level.

You really don’t want to be running them till you are at least able to do a GR90. That would be the earliest that I would run one. Then choose a build that is good at running them. Then when you are running one you use three pylons (save Conduit) at level 90 if GR90’s are your max. Then around level 110 you use the conduit pylon. That should take you to rank 125 or over.

They drop like once every 20-30 GRs as long as you are running GR90 and above.
They will drop below GR 90 and even NR T16 but that is a lot more rare.

I know it is suppose to be end game, but yeah it is very rare and also very RNG. You can do way more than 30 GRs with no drop then have then drop back to back in the next two GRs.

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I think that’s just confirmation bias. I’ve got 10 in hardcore and never pushed above 80, and only ran maybe ran 25-30 greater rifts. This is a far higher rate than what I’ve acquired in softcore, where I was running GR100+ consistently.

There’s just variance involved, and I don’t think anyone’s put in the time and effort to really get an accurate idea of the drop rate.

Got 25 on Switch, playing up 7 toons, and I’m at para 900… On x-Box I got about 30 playing 6 toons and at para 1100… That looks about normal, and I have played GR90 as much as possible…

DEFINITELY TRUE!! I’ve used 80+ GR keys getting 3 primals!! BUT ZERO EN key.
Then I will get like 4 in 10 GRs…(I do 100 with Inna in 1.5-2mins)

The RNG is so weird for these things, Hellfire Embers were so much better and fun to farm!!!

I was running 119’s on my monk in 1-2 mins and was getting about 2-4 per hour. Speed is essentially to getting them.

only 600 paragon you say?
what GR are you running?
anything below 90 pretty much invalidates your complaint, imo.

Why? GR90 doesn’t even give you guaranteed 12 legendaries. You need to go higher to have 100% chance of getting 11th and 12th.

The reason why GR90s are always suggested is because that’s the lowest level at which the Guardian drops the maximum number of legendaries, which is 12. Of those 12, 10 are guaranteed to be legendaries, but the remaining two can be blue, yellow or legendary. I don’t think there’s any GR level at which all 12 drops are guaranteed to be legendary…


You are most likely right. That is how they have been for me, but RNG is RNG so not everyone will have the same success or lack of success rate.

OP: I have to ask how many GR’s you even did and at which levels. Para 600 is not that high, especially if you did them in groups that carried you. Sure, you would have expected to get a few, but if you were running 120’s or so in groups, how many GR’s did you even do? Patience is a virtue when it comes to RNG…

Level of GR doesn’t matter, its RNG and speed of GR matters as the more you do the bigger chance you will get a key for an EN.

That’s why I asked: if the OP got his 600 para by tagging along with groups doing high clears, he didn’t actually complete a lot of GR’s, so there would have been less chance of getting Screams…

Speed doesn’t affect quality of loot.
It only matters because it means you get more legendary items/hr that way.

well, my experiences were I didn’t get any ENs drop until ~p600 in both SC and HC this season. But, I hadn’t done too many >= GR90 runs at that point of time (especially with HC where I am more hesitant to push until I have everything for my build). co-incidence? I tend to find on average, that I get a EN once every 30 odd runs. But, I did have 5 GRs in a row where ENs dropped. Weird and inconsistent RNG.

GR119. 12 loots, 2 of which were yellow.

–=[ EDIT ]=–

GR124. 12 loots, 1 of which was yellow.

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Just variance. If you look at the leaderboards on the PC (as unlike the console, they show paragon and equipment), you’ll notice on every server, with the top 15 players who reached Divinity that typically there are 4 players who all had 100+ more paragon than everyone else. We’re talking you only had enough time to complete Haedrig’s Gift plus run your GR75 immediately after getting your set and running a T16 rift.

The same with the conquest On A Good Day/I Can’t Stop (3 gems to 65). Until this season, the fastest anyone has ever done it was around 5.5 hours into the season. This season alone, 59 people completed that conquest in under 4 hours. None of them were over Paragon 600.

Some people just got lucky really early on into the season with Petrified Screams.

Petrified Screams are expected to drop around once every 20 Greater Rifts. So, even getting a streak where it’s averaging for you at 30 isn’t too unheard of, provided you’ve found under 50 of them. It should average out a bit later though. You’ll have some lucky and some unlucky streaks of finding them.

I guess. I seem to consistently get bad RNG, so I’m kinda meh lol.

I haven’t bothered with the seasonal challenges for the past 2 seasons - with the broken seasonal challenges menu, I have no idea what challenges I need to do. A bunch of people have posted about the broken challenges menu and Blizzard has again, done SFA. Sure, they listen to their customers wink wink.

Groups…you can’t beat them.

yeah, some people consistently get good RNG luck, others like me get consistently bad RNG luck. I wouldn’t mind if it was here or there, but when it’s consistent bad RNG luck, it gets very annoying.

I’ve been playing D2R for the past 5 days now, haven’t even looked at the D3 LBs lol, yet alone done a final push. May not even bother lol. I mean, what’s the point? The group players with their rank 150 gems and augments and p4500+ will just blast right past me no matter what I do.