30th anniversary in-game rewards on console

I purchased the 30th anniversary package a while back and I just bought Diablo 3 on PS4/PS5 and it isn’t showing any of the in-game rewards for purchasing that 30th anniversary package. How do I obtain my rewards? Please let me know because it’s been bothering me.

did it say it came with rewards?

did you bother to check your pets / wings / portrait frame section at all?

remember this too - using a search engine will not hurt you.

It comes with

  • Terror Unleashed Wings
  • The Dark Murglrrr Pet
  • Dark Wanderer Portrait
  • The Wanderer’s Transmog Set

As far as for using a search engine and if it will hurt me? I can actually confirm this, that it didn’t hurt me when I searched this stuff before I made this post. But, for good measure I went and searched it again and it didn’t hurt then either.

Number 4: If you don’t have anything usefull to say, leave and let the grownups talk. Especially if it’s a new poster who’s just asking a question. What’s wrong with you?

I found the answer, basically the console players do not get direct access to the 30th celebration. Unsure on if you could get it during the time of the celebration or if you never could get them. But, for me, I got the 30th celebration during that time it was on sale but didn’t own D3 on PS4 until recently so I’m basically SOL, which is a shame because I love D3 on console and kind of wished I got it for console than PC. Hopefully, anyone else who is like me can see this post.

Just for reference, PC and Console are two DIFFERENT systems. If you buy the collection on console you will get the extras on console and not PC. As far as I know there has never been a case where you buy something on console and it transferred to PC or buy something on PC and it transferred to console.

Well I have an xbox used to have this problem too that my items aren’t showing but on my end what I did is that I had to manually turn on the add on of the 30th Anniversary stuff from the Diablo 3 app settings not sure if PS4/PS5 have that option but I’m assuming it does the same.