2.7.2 Follower Broken Crown Broken

Broken Crown on the Follower seems to be broken in this PTR

If you have a soul shard in YOUR helm no gems will drop. Emanate powers flow to YOUR hero. The Broken Crown clearly says ‘A gem of the same type as in YOUR helm will also drop.’ Soul Shards are Legendary type gems, so of course none of them will drop.

Has always worked that way, not just in PTR.


Oh yea, you’re right.

I usually have a Topaz in my helm.

I had forgotten that the broken crown on a follower only works on regular gems in the character’s helm

Thank you!

I guess that makes it pretty much unusable on a follower in 2.7.2, if you use the new shard in your helm

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Not really. You should be able to speed farm rifts and vaults without shard in helmet - at least when you need gems.