2.7.1 - Here's something Positive

Every Ethereal weapon has 100% increased skill damage to all class skills.

By extension in my eyes it really gives 100% damage to skills that had absolutely nothing before like a lot of WD skills… So, it’s not much but at least puts WD primary skills on the T16 radar and even opens up things like Mass Confusion - Hallucination’s rune to actually deal some damage, especially coupled with the Grin Reaper voodoo mask. It’s not game breaking, but generally amazing that now every skill can have a base boost and be played in new ways than before at T16 for every class.

If u wait to find a decent ethereal to start farm T16 as WD then by that time GoD DH will be farming 110s on 3 minutes…
WD need boost even with ethereals…end of story.


I fully agree with you.

No worries it’s still better then what WDs have without etherials. Enjoy the little things even if they don’t last long.

Witch Doctor players already have more than enough reasons to complain, just trying to dig a few miles to unearth that silver lining of positivity.


?This is not true, for example the DH weapons have multipliers to “archery” only so you can’t use other skills besides those with it.
Which means you beter play multishot

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You’re right goodness me… lol.