😡 2.6.8 + S20 suck

Such a shame, I’m all out of flag options.
People can’t stick to the subject and begins trash talking Op.

Let Op make the mistakes and report him if you like. Don’t fight fire with fire. Seriously.

To the topic itself: Wizard needs to channel ( again ), simply make deathwish and the offhand only buff channeling skills, not all spenders. Make an offhand or 2hander to buff Hydra.
Perhaps implement in the set , that using primary skills have a chance of spawning an extra hydra.

While I like they still do something for this game, I wished they would do more.



Forget the 2-hander though, unless you intend it to be cubed but it would have competition for that slot (allthough in this particular season I suppose you can have 2 weapons so there is that), but I can’t remember even seeing a 2-hander being used. My preference would be altering an existing Source though.

And they really need to undo that change they did to channeling just to fix Bazooka.

You pretty much said it all…S20 will just be for collection of the wings and pets… The new sets have been drowned out by old builds (which hopefully will be fixed some rather than later) and the buff this season z which i thought would be awesome, has turned out like milk toast.

Well said…S20 should be a celebration of D3 and they should go all out for it but they have managed somehow to muck it all up

Let’s just hope, the sets go under a heavy re-work to allow for endgame usability and a new PTR patch is released to correct all of the crap data coming out of it at this moment in time

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I say that each season theme doesn’t have to make you an OP god. I think that they can have some seasons where they just might get some things changed or added that could actually be part of the game much like how PoE leagues function. This idea of not being tethered to one of each slot in the cube might prove interesting depending on your chosen build.

I would say we just will have to wait and see what happens when the dust settles.

Frenzy and WD sets as far as survivability I will have to agree with you. Can’t say much about the wiz set, so I will sit on the fence till the patch goes live.

You do know that they did say that not all sets would be out at once. Nor would there be something for all classes in each patch. So just wait till the patch that brings season 21 and we will see the final two sets. Then we can decide how the Necro and DH will turn out then.

I will still say that their definition of fun is vastly different than your definition. So the devs could still play their own game. It is just that what they think is fun you don’t think is fun. It is all a matter of viewpoint.

Also there is no way for me to tell just how much feedback from these forums that they ignore or seemingly ignore.

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Can’t say anything regarding SETS since I didn’t test them and I don’t think I will.

BUT, the seasonal feature currently is seriously lackluster. Doesn’t even raise any hype or interest to play this. Just very very weak and boring in my opinion.

Hopefully, it will change for the live version.


Yeah, the S20 theme is rather lackluster as hell. I don’t see myself will playing it long enough like what I did with S19 after I got the cosmetic reward in S20.


While I agree with him on some aspects. WE are not doing him any favors by replying. All we are doing is perpetuating the cycle of him posting. If his p0osts were ignored then they would stop

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To be so unaware of how ignorant your posts actually are, must be exceptionally blissful.


You sound like you know quite a lot about that.

And my god, do the new sets suck!

Well, what is this called? Season of the Kanai’s? I don’t know, but it doesn’t look very interesting.

Also, Star Pact wizard needs to be nerfed.

For some one who likes to report people for disagreeing with him and telling others to stay on topic. You sure do fail at taking your own advise.


For that to obtain nice theme for the season 20, look here:

This is too extreme. I think 10%~20% of builds can have at least +1 tier for GR from this change. You won’t become unable to pass GR70 anyway.

I don’t agree with this. Wiz would still be channeling-focus because it provides global damage bonus which buffes every skill. However, it does destroy the game experience of all or most channeling builds.

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If you had read forums and/or ptr patch notes, you would have noticed that starpact was nerfed quite strong by adding 1 sec delay for the eteched sigil/ deathwish combo to start applying the 1000% bonus damage.

My gripe is that the sets are deliberately spitting in the face of all that we want in D3. What’s wrong with sets? They force us into a specific way of playing.

Many of the previous sets at least buffs a few skills to have some diversity. These new sets are “Play this way or don’t use the set at all.”

They could have had it so that we felt like we have an entirely new class style of game play without screwing with any other sets in any way. But no. That would be cool. Instead, we get WW barb for Monk, A wanabe fixed Hydra build that is just an old build rehashed. A Set version of LoN Spirit barrage. A rehashed version of LoN frenzy. A Set version of LoN Shot Gun Crusader.

Honestly is it just laziness or lack of ability? Or just plain stupidity?

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worst theme ever…

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Nah… this is better than double goblins :wink:

But great feedback!

for years, that Diablo 3 is in decline, with the s19, I thought they were going to have the active imagination, however in the s20 … I don’t know what happened to them. but they didn’t stop for 5 minutes to think about what the league theme represented …
95% of builds remain the same and only 5% really accept this change.

I hope they improve or change some of the theme … because I don’t know, I don’t see anything unless you play necromancer … xD

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you already figured it out - the only reason for the season theme is to satisfy the necros

Sorry, didn’t pay enough attention