2 Questions Regarding Stash Space and Mules

Please can you inform me of two things. I am purely interested in single player only and loved in the old D2 the ability to download mods, in particular ‘PlugY’, so I had enough single player storage so I could collect 1 of each item in the game.

With the recent announcements, and so close to the release, I’m now tempted to cancel my pre-order and I know many similar people are going to do same but I thought I’d check with you before I cancel.

  1. Are there any plans in future to allow for modifications to stash size such as mods like ‘PlugY’ for single player only where it wouldn’t affect the economy nor the security as it’d just be the single player game.
  2. Are we allowed to make infinite mules on single player and if not infinite, why and also more importantly, specifically how many are we allowed? Currently the stash size is a bit silly as we have less space due to it being more shared than personal. This means people like me interested in making a grail account for single player are going to need the ability to make pretty much infinite mules as we’ll need to make a mule for pretty much every type of category maybe more with the larger items.

If you can answer those 2 questions first and importantly with a yes or no. Then you may follow it by an explanation. I would appreciate it.
This is aimed specifically to Blizzard, but people are welcome to discuss.
I’m coming here as the game master I originally directed this to said that I should come here as here you could reply on such matters.


I don’t know the answer to either question but I am 100% on board with more stash space in single player. If Blizzard is going to prevent the ability to have the infinite stash of PlugY that so many of us have been using for years now which is essential for the “grail” playstyle, they really should create an alternative for us. An achievement isn’t good enough here.

I think it’s GREAT that D2R is going to have ladder items, dclone, and ubers in single player now but they’re still one crucial step short of really giving D2 fans what they want. I really hope this is something under consideration.

At its core D2 is all about the item hunt. Those of us that have been playing for years or since launch have these items and their stats memorized. D2 is more than just increasing character strength and becoming more efficient at killing monsters, it’s also a collection game for many of us. Yeah I’m not going to use every unique item in my stash but that’s not the point. After my characters are maxed out going after every last unique and set item is an endgame unto itself. This seems like a really simple change that could even be a toggle in the settings for those that want the original stash. Please Blizzard, great job so far but this really is a big deal for a lot of us.


1: No, PlugY will not be available for D2:R:

Snippet from PlugY’s change list:
" Update of 30 August 2021

Good news : PlugY 14.03 is out.
Bad news : I won’t do PlugY (infinity stash) for Diablo II Resurected because Blizard doesn’t allow modding (binary editing)."

2: It’s unknown how many characters we will be able to make in single player. However if there is a maximum, since the characters are stored locally, you could do some file shuffling if you really wanted to have virtually ‘infinite’ characters.

  1. I know already of this post from the creator stating is saying it’s not allowed due to binary editing, hence why I asked if there are any future plans to allow for it. If they still need to add/tweak things and they can confirm to me, it’ll be coming in the near future so I can still invest time into D2R, then I’ll still stick with my pre-purchase, if not confirmed, I and many others like me are thinking of refunding still.

  2. I know about file shuffling but I don’t think people will want to go back to those days of having to do that every 5 minutes. It’ll already be hard enough to keep track of which items are on which without making this more difficult by having a cap.

blizzard has stated they are making tools for modifying single player so it’s certainly possible stash size is one of the things they have.