2 Floor Rifts? (Not Enough Exp to fill Progress Bar)

I just ran a T16 on and hit a 2 floor (normal) rift, made it to the end of said rift and had to double back before the progress bar was barely over halfway filled.

It was so odd that in all these years of playing it stood out as feeling “off”.

Maybe the dev’s need to revisit mob types, exp, and amount of rift levels just to make sure to set a solid minimum baseline value across the board?

Not a bug if you are skipping lots of mobs. It is only a bug if you kill everything and still can’t summon the RG.

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I didn’t feel like I was skipping “lots of mobs” but I just sort of mindlessly went through as normal and it shocked me to hit the end while being about 52% complete. Just felt off but I guess it was just my perception.