2 characters in one day from server lag

man oh man the lag is bad today…just lost another building character to horrendous lag …nothing around doing nothing for 20 sec then informed I died. I cannot even get an HC Char on PC to get to paragon levels. Console no problems whatsoever…PC its just unplayable HC mode. Really frustrated over the lag…I suspect it would only get worse getting decent gear and moving into endgame.

yeahh you are not the only one. EU i lost monday 4 chars about game not working between 20 min. for me i choose now if i lost my 5th char from game not working - Laag !! then i never play any blizzard game

I haw lost a char with a decent gear right when I started geting into the rift pushing cuz the game crashed, and lost a second one when started farming T10 and GR45 cuz of the lag.