2.6.6 - Captain Crimson and Akkhan Set Synergy


Currently playing the Akkhan/Aughild/Crimson FnR variant. Haven’t changed Leoric in cube to anything else yet. And man, is this thing a rock. I’ve been running 95s in roughly 5minutes average, as it’s my preferred style of play. Solo speeds.

I’m going to try the EW variant listed here, never thought to try this. Wish Barb was flexible enough with items to try something new :frowning:


Mawbs, I’ve been running the same setup and I love it. I had messed with swapping out leorics in cube, but with 67% cdr, law of valor is up 100% of the time, which is a huge toughness boost. I like how there are lots of options in this setup. Nems or illusory boots for utility, stone gauntlets or aquillas for toughness, strong arms for damage, or leorics for a little damage and a little toughness.


Maybe it’s just me but I think EW is not ideal for Condemn build, because you’ll want to be always on the move, always gathering mobs and build density.



First post here so I hope I’m doing it right!^^

I am playing Crim/Aughild Condemn and completed GR 110 yesterday (I am Parangon 1550). I was looking for new ways to make more damages and I am very much looking forward to trying the EW Crimson version submitted by dmkt!

Moreover, I am also wondering if I should reroll my (very) unperferct Frydehr’s Wrath: it currently has +10% CHC as a reroll, but I was thinking that having +8% coolred instead might make me more powerful thanks to Captain Crimson’s Trimmings bonus set … what do you guys think? Is coolred > CHC on this version of the build?


No it isn’t. 10% CHC can be worth 10%+ of your damage.

Assuming your damage is 1.00 with 10% CHC on the shield, and you have 56% CDR, your damage output is:
1.00 x 1.56 (CC3) = 1.56

Now let’s say dropping 10% CHC lowers your damage by 10%, and you gain 8% CDR:
New CDR = 1-(1-56)(1-0.8) = 59.52%
Damage output = 0.90 x 1.5952 = 1.436

You actually lose about 8% damage by trading 10% CHC with 8% CDR in this example.


Many thanks for this detailed answer, HunterKill!

That leads me to another question: I guess that the perfect rolls by order of importance for The Traveler’s Pledge and The Compass Rose should then be: Holy, CHC, CHD for the first one, and CHC, CHD, Coolred, Strength for the second one, right?


I was looking for a d3planner, didn’t see one. Gonna check this out. Says you’re using Heavens Fury for damage?

This is the Crimson version:


This is without Crimson:


Personally, I prefer the Crimson version because HF costs less and according to the planner, does more damage. I don’t have any references here this is just how I would probably build it.


For Traveler’s Pledge it’s Holy, CHD (90%+), CHC.

For Compass Rose it should always have strength, and if you have to choose between CHC and CHD it depends on your overall CHC and CHD without the ring equipped, and CDR can be more important than both if that’s what makes you reach 56% CDR.


Im using it, finding awesome, you can “use” all season buff circles with this build…
Resource reduction also boosts toughness very nice…
I’m level 900p, just did GR100 (9min) probably could push a bit, maybe 105…

I think i found a good RDC, CDR and critical balance.


Hi again,

There are 2 last rolls I am hesitating about on my build… may I bother you one more time?

Focus => I have rerolled in favor of +8% coolred: would +50% CHC be better?

Talisman of Akkhan => I have rerolled in favor of +98% CHD: would +20% Holy skills be better?

Knowing that in this configuration, my current CHC = 63%, CHD = +374%, coolred = 64.8% and Holy damage increase = 19%, I have tried to reproduce the calculations you’ve shown me, in the hypothesis I reroll Focus (i.e. 50% CHC instead of 8% coolred), but I am not sure I did them properly:

Current damage output = 1 + (0,63 x 3,74)(1,648) = 3,883

New damage output if 50% CHC instead of 8% coolred on Focus = 1 + (0,63 x 4,24)(1,568) = 4.188 => so better to reroll, is that correct?

And I don’t know what the maths are to calculate the damages outputs if I rereoll for my Talisman of Akkhan…

Any advice will be very much appreciated!


In this case 50% CHD is much better than 8% CDR. Don’t stack CDR beyond what’s necessary for CC3 bonus, it’s very ineffective.

98% CHD is better than 20% Holy bonus.

CDR stacks multiplicatively, so you should have 61.74% CDR if you take out one 8% CDR roll.

That being said, you can also keep that 8% CDR roll and get rid of Leoric’s Crown in the cube for something else, like Nemesis, Strongarm bracers, or Illusory Boots.


Many thanks, HunterKiller ! I’ll reroll and maybe I will pass the GR 111, this time!^^


Why don’t you edit your post? After PTR, the RCR from Akhan 2pc, Unstoppable Force is applied to Crimson Set damage reduction. Your post can confuse other users.


Damage is increased by 76% not 11%. See the calculation below.

Against elites=(Crimson×Auguild×Elite×BoP)÷(CoE×Strongarm)=(1.6×1.3×(1.95÷1.5)×1.2)÷(1.5×(1.65÷1.35))=1.7698

Against whites=(Crimson×Auguild×BoP)÷(CoE×Strongarm)=(1.6×1.3×1.2)÷(1.5×(1.65÷1.35))=1.3614


Hello Fangskin,

I’ve updated the original post to explain that Captain Crimson is no longer additive with DIBS (skill damage). This thread shows history, which can be confusing to newcomers who weren’t participating early on, when mechanics were discovered and then later updated. Post #28 shows the final comparisons of the major Akkhan Condemn variants updated on August 23rd, 2019.

Regarding the your last suggested calculation, when i said 11% stronger, i’m comparing it to the standard Akkhan build:

Vs Trash: 5.9x -> 6.6x = ~11%
Vs Elites: 8.9x -> 11.9x = ~33%

I did not include Bane of the Powerful into any of the calculations, as most people were pushing with Esoteric before 2.6.6. I wanted the comparisons between the variants to be simple to understand. The inclusion of BotP will make the 33% gain more like 65-75% depending on up time.


I didn’t really follow the thread.
As you probably know, condemn is an area-damage using build. As such, you get more damage by killing everything in a single rotation of holy than wittling down trash and being left with only an elite afterwards (cf: star pact wizard for extreme examples)
If you remove CoE, you lose this very bursty gameplay which is the key to high clear (as it helps you get more trash during CoE downtime).
Did you consider this when calculating damage difference ?


Yes, the standard build factors in CoE as a constant 1.5x, although we know it is likely worth ~1.75x when traversing the map off the CoE cycle, it remains as 1.5x on the rift guardian. Post #26-28 is the meat and potatoes of this thread. The EW variant keeps CoE, but it requires semi stationary play, which is now possible.

All of these builds can be tweaked, using laws of hope, inclusion of strongarms/stone gaunts, BotP gem, long arms passive, etc.


There’s quite a few factors that come into play here, so I would say that putting a number on power is difficult.

While you are losing the coe burst, you gain:

  • Incredible toughness, so much so that you can ignore most damage affixes.

  • Steady damage, with the constant ~60% damage increase from crimsons and 30% from aughilds at all time, you dont have to worry about timing coe.

  • No resource problems, ever.

  • Better clear time on guardian.

  • Sligthly better damage on elites (still not to hunt them exclusivly, but when clearing density)

On paper, the new variant seems to be much stronger, adding all this together. The thing that’s made clear though is that it’s more flexible, and you can fit other items/skills because toughness and resource is less of an issue for the build. So you can add even more damage or utility.

So it’s hard to pinpoint an exact number, but it’s stronger.


Yes, particularly stronger and more forgiving for lower paragon players.