2.6.6 Barbarian Community Buff Proposal

But there are very simple solution to that:

Option 1 Reduce the cooldown of WotB to 100 seconds. It wouldn’t be the first time they have adjusted base skills so it works with a set (that is why at one patch they significantly increased the damage of Dust Devils). Also it wouldn’t disturb other builds too much because most of them have perma WotB anyway.

Option 2 Increase the cooldown reduction to WotB you gain from the Boon of Bul-Kathos passive from 30 seconds to 50 seconds or whatever. You said you don’t to change active skills, but in your proposal you have suggestions for changing passives, so you must be okay with that.

Option 3 A mix of the previous two.

How so?

The reason why the WW build requires density in not because of the skill itself, but because of the way Pain Enhancer works.

Hell, the whole build revolving around and being reliant on Pain Enhancer is even the reason why the build is struggling with rift guardians that do not have minions or RG’s in general… because there is no density that allows the build to benefit from Pain Enhancers attack speed bonus. It has nothing to do with WW being the only skill that benefits from the set (although I would like to see more skills being buffed by the set as well).

Pain Enhancer is the problem here and nothing else.

Giving Pain Enhancer a limit on how many stacks it can give you (so in other words: nerfing it and thereby making either less desirable or even undesirable for WW Barbs) while at the same time increasing the damage bonus to Whirlwind on the WotW set or whatever, the build would even work on low and medium density and even more, it wouldn’t have problems against rift guardians since it wouldn’t had to rely on density anymore.

There’s no need to adjust skills just to tweak one aspect of a build. And Wrath is unique in that its our class’s ultimate ability. A long cooldown is fine, and honestly, the Boon passive does its job. I feel like you’re taking a long and circuitous route just to address PE, but PE is, as I’ll explain below, not the problem.

Sorry, but this isn’t true.

PE has one purpose in the build: Jack up attack speed to generate tons of Zodiac procs.

That’s it.

Sure, the extra breakpoints in density are nice, but they’re not the real reason we use the gem. We don’t fish for density because of PE – we fish for density because of the way WW deals damage, and because of the way Bloodshed and AD work.

If you limited PE stacks, you’d have to make several other changes to several other skills and/or items just to compensate for how much you would break the current iteration of the build. None of this is a good idea.

I don’t know why you’re focusing on PE when that’s not the problem in the current iteration of the build, but you seem to think that you can fix the build’s problem with fishing by jacking up WW damage:

This doesn’t really work. Again, the real damage in the build comes from the combination of AD and Bloodshed. Let me put it this way:

WW’s damage is mostly linear. If you have X mobs, it deals its damage in ticks to those mobs. If you have XX mobs, the same thing happens–the damage is the same. If you have XXX mobs, the same again. In every instance, the mobs are taking the same damage from WW and Dust Devils, modified a bit for attack speed.

Bloodshed and AD work very differently. If you have X mobs, your stacked crits are low and Bloodshed’s damage isn’t going to be much. Your AD procs are also limited by how many mobs can proc, and be damaged by, your current AD. So when you hit XX mobs, or XXX mobs, the damage value of Bloodshed increases exponentially, and more mobs can be hit by AD procs, hence why getting over 100% AD is so critical to the build.

This is always going to be the case. And this is why the build has to fish so hard: With only WW contributing to this damage cycle, you rely on density to pack in as many mobs as possible to maximize Bloodshed and AD (more mobs in a tight area = more hits by WW, Dust Devils, and that = more Bloodshed and AD procs).

The only sure-fire fix to this is an additional source of damage in the set. That’s Rend, and that’s what we did in the proposal.

Just to reiterate: We are not advocating for any other changes beyond what is covered in the current proposal.


The longer this thread goes on, the thing that strikes me the most is that I bet the other six classes wish they has such adamant, fervent and capable proponents for them.

I really hope some of this stuff is on the PTR and that it’s soon.


Hi Idolis. Thanks for the support!

DH is my second favorite class, but I don’t claim to know much about it. From the global leaderboard data we examined in our analysis, DHs are the most consistent in non-Season GR clears across all regions. 95% of those clears, however, all come from one build: Shadow Impale.

So I think it’s fair to say that DHs need buffs to address intra-class parity. As for the rest, like I said, I’m not a DH expert, so I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on what DHs need, and what a proposal like ours would look like for your class.

Ditto and ditto.

As always, we encourage other class communities to do what we do and take initiative. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the same level of community cohesion in other class forums, so I hope they get organized and put something together!


Hm, I wasn’t aware of that. You have a point…

I knew that AD and Bloodshed where important for the build but I always thought that they were “just” complementary to the builds innate mechanics (so to speak) and that the attack speed you get from PE was the main reason for why this build required density.

But still, more density = more attack speed = more AD procs and Bloodshed damage. But I am not so sure anymore how much PE contributes to the overall damage.

But thanks for clarifying.

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Yeah, the build’s real source of damage comes from AD + Bloodshed. This is why the build struggles so hard on RGs without adds, because without adds, we don’t proc AD + Bloodshed.

PE contributes zero damage to build. It’s sole purpose is to proc Zodiac via Blood Frenzy. The boosted attack speed does mean we hit higher breakpoints and spawn more Dust Devils, but that pales in comparison to, you guessed it, AD + Bloodshed. Sure, more attack speed = more crits = bigger Bloodshed damage, but if you nerfed PE, you would also nerf that.

Like I said, PE is not the problem. The problem is that all of the build’s damage output is loaded onto WW.

I talk about this at length in the Zodiac WW guide: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

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I see…

Too bad you don’t want to suggest things that go beyond what is in your proposal. I would come up with things like reworking or even replacing Bloodshed with something else that is less problematic (whatever that may be) and eventually even things like limiting the amount of targets that can be hit by a single proc of area damage to let’s say 5 or 10 (since AD seems to be quite a problematic mechanic on its own), which also would solve that problem…

There kinda has been things like that.

I don’t know if you followed it, but very recently (just a few weeks ago) in the GD Forum of the old forum there was a thread about what skills and how skills could be improved with over 400 replies.

It is being continued here in the new forum (but sadlythe thread does not have gotten too much steam yet) You might wann check it out if haven’t yet, even if it is just to get some inspiration for your next projects:

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Interesting update!

An economics newspaper/blog covered our proposal: EconoTimes.

Possibly written by a bot? Lots of strange stuff in this, but it’s cool that we got covered by this… whatever it is :rofl:

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I still can’t get around the permissions, so I came here since still the same topic.

The other day you asked me (in regards to LON Charge):

I have a revision:

1H Mighty Wep: When using Furious Charge, all cool downs are reduced by 50%.

This would help LON Charge and make Reakor’s no longer dependent on IK.

How do see this?

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Seismic Slam was always one of the skills that I was the most interested in and so I was fairly disappointed when a build that spams SS was basically not competitive/endgame viable.

I think your Fjord Cutter idea is good, but it sadly is restricted to one rune (and on a personal note, for me it is aesthetically not the most pleasing one).

I came up with the concept for a MotE set rework a while ago that changes the set to focus more spamming SS instead of having its focus on Leapquake (but that still is true to the fantasy of a Barbarian that is utilizing the power of the earth) and I think this might be a good place to share it.

Of course I am not expecting you to like it or to agree with it or whatever, but maybe you guys can take some inspiration out of it if you want…


Might of the Earth set

2 set bonus
Everytime you use Seismic Slam, the cooldown of Leap, Ground Stomp, Avalanche and Earthquake gets reduced by x seconds.

4 set bonus
Every use of Seismic Slam, Leap, Ground Stomp, Ancient Spear, Avalanche or Earthquake reduces your damage taken by x% for 15 seconds, stacking up to x times.

6 set bonus
Every use of Seismic Slam increases the damage of Seismic Slam, Leap, Ground Stomp, Ancient Spear, Avalanche and Earthquake by x.000% for 15 seconds, stacking up to x times


Support Legendaries

Lut Socks
Leap causes an Earthquake when you land and Ground Stomp causes an Avalanche

Legendary Weapon
Reduces the Fury cost of Seismic Slam by 50% and increases the damage of Seismic Slam, Avalanche and Earthquake by xxx%. Seismic Slam has a xx% chance to either cause an Earthquake or an Avalanche when it hits an enemy

^^that weapon is intended to be either a rework (or even a replacement) of Fury of the Vanquished Peak or Blade of the Tribes, or to be a completely new item.


That would focus the gameplay of the MotE set a lot more around Seismic Slam - since you would get the coodlown reduction from each use of Seismic Slam rather than per Fury spend (and also a damage and defensive bonus from using SS) - and with the legendary weapon, you would cause a lot of havoc by procing Earthquakes and Avalanches when using Seismic Slam (rather than with Leap).

You would be encouraged touse Avalanche on your build as well, which currently is not a thing in MotE builds afaik, since you kinda have to choose between Avalanche and EQ - and since EQ deals more damage due to better support items (that also compete for the same slots iirc), most people only use EQ.


I am not sure if you like it, but tell me what you think.

Hey Clueso,

We appreciate your input, but I gotta tell you that I think this ship has already sailed. A day or two ago Nev teased the upcoming patch notes, which means all the changes that are going to happen are probably already set. There’s really nothing to do but wait and see what we get.

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Actually, it’s not. Read our proposed affix carefully. There are many creative ways to get it to work under a variety of conditions. The item is intended to explicitly buff Permafrost because that’s the best rune for Pro-Slam, but with our buffs to Vanished Peak and Bracers of Destruction, any and all Slam builds will be much stronger.

Bear in mind that Pro-Slam operates very differently from other Slam builds, hence our focus on it. If you haven’t tried it, please do; it’s some of the most fun you can have playing Barb. :slight_smile:

This is very similar to our Dread Iron rework. Check that out.

We opted to preserve the diversity of MOTE instead. Check out our List 2 for more info.

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Thanks for the info @Rage. That is no problem. I like to speculate, theorycraft and talk and share ideas with others. That is fun enough for me… I could do it all day

I have read it like 3 weeks ago when you first posted it on reddit.

I can’t remember everything, so eventually I have to read it again.

I have a fire based LoN Slammer (with Cindercoat etc) in my armory that I regularly played. Not the more efficient/competitive build, but indeed it is definitely one of the more fun ones.

Ah, I see.

As I said, it was like 3+ weeks when I read that whole thing…

There’s a video up on youtube that mentions our proposal near the end. It’s in Portuguese. So if any of our bilingual Barbros want to check it out, here you go:

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Well, depending on what kind of buffs we get in 2.6.6, this build might become much, much stronger.

Fire Slam won’t benefit from our Fjord Cutter, but it will benefit from the buffed Peak and Destruction Bracer. It would also benefit from our revised BK Wedding Band, and our revised Fury of the Ancients (if you run MOTE6+IK2). So, yeah, it won’t be as strong as Pro-Slam, but it will be much improved over its current iteration if we get our desired buffs (particularly List 2).

And if you’re running LON, well, that’s gonna be much stronger as well. I’m guessing you run Leorics or Andy’s + Cinder Coat + Magefist + Destruction Bracers + Axe of Sankis + Pig Sticker, and probably Cube Peak. Rings are–what? Band of Might, CoE, and Zodiac?

If you take Zodiac and PoC and stack CDR, you can probably get perma-IP, and possibly close to perma-COTA if you take that as well. Hmm. Will be interesting to see where that goes next Season.

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Sure it will! You just need to fight at closer range (to proc Trapped), or hit them with Snow-Capped Mountain, Glacier, or Chilling Earth…

It is a build that suits my preferred playstyle as much as possible rather than being efficient.

Skills are Cleave, SS, Leap, Ground Stomp, War Cry and Berserker.

Equipped items: Peak, Cindercoat, Leorics, Bracers of Destruction, St Archew’s Gage, Lut Socks and Ess of Johan, the rest are ‘filler ancients’. It is a non-seasonal char, so LoN is equipped in the ring slots.

Cube: Furnace, Nemesis and Unity.

I could use Band of Might instead of Unity, which would be a rather large defensive boost, but I don’t like to be funneled in a playstyle where I have to use Leap or Ground Stomp all x seconds. I much rather prefer it if the flow of gameplay and the time when I use skills come naturally.

Berserker does not have 100% uptime, not even close, but I prefer it that way, because I have to choose when I use it, which makes using it much more interesting.

Ess of Johan is my all time favorite legendary item, although its internal cooldown could be reduced or removed to make it proc more often.

I could use Furious Charge with the Dreadnought rune (which gives Furious Charge 3 charges) instead of Leap with Lut Socks, because FC would give better manuverability and more freedom on when to use the skill compared to Leap with the 2 second window from Lut Socks, but I just kinda like the fantasy of leaping with brutal force a lot. I just think it is sad that Leap only has one charge, henche my proposal for giving it 2 default charges and one additional one via a rune that I suggested in this thread. It would make the use of Leap so much more useful as both a tool of engagement but also as a tool for escaping, and also a lot more enjoyable.

I also like builds that use Primary skills and do not just spam their main resource spending skill all the time, because it creates an interesting ebb and flow of the resource that you have to manage and a more interesting and satisfying rotation on how to use your skills, hench I use Cleave.


That build is not really efficient when you compare it to others and it certainly isn’t competitive, but for me it is a ton of fun when I want to play it. I wish D3 would support all builds that follow a basic build structure instead of predetermined set-meta builds, but that ship has long sailed since it would require a complete redesign of the itemization, but that build is as close as it gets to what I would like to play under optimal circumstances…


I also have a LoN Hammer of the Ancients builds that uses Revenge, which synergizes very well with the more close combat of HotE, that also is a ton of fun…

Any news about when we will see what is being cooked for barbarians?

Soon* in Blizz time…