1st GR at level 70... Guaranteed Primal?

Please Damocles do not feed the troll, he might take your hand with the food! :rofl:

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I have gotten one every time I soloed my first GR70 in Season. Only a few have been useful.

Same, except the useful part.

0.0% of my ‘free’ primals have been any use at all.

In the great words of Immorten Joe: "MEDIOCRE."

My GR70 Primal this season was Raiment Boots. Since I use the Raiment 4 Inna 6 Bounty build, I’ll use it. At least it wasn’t an instant salvage as other season’s GR70 Primals have been (Razor Stop, Non Immortality Follower relic, Leoric’s Signet, etc.)

no i dont need a hug, i need the trolls to take their toxic hate elsewhere.

Oh, the irony.
Bye, Felicia! :wave:


I need a hug.

Not for any specific reason, just as a general rule. Always down for hugs.


It’s New Year. Let’s all do better now :heart_eyes:


Or else you will quit??

Dang, I just gave you your next dear diary thread.


Agreed, I have decided not to waste my time talking to some of the trolls, to help keep the peace on the forum.

  • I hope everyone has a great 2022. A D4 beta would be most welcome.

Yea lets break bones and take ET?

R.I.P Deckard Cain (an f,in magesical foe).


Pot meet Kettle
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It’s funny how people who invite Trouble, complain about being bullied after Trouble finds them.
If you poke the hornets’ nest, expect to get stung.
I can think of at least two other Posters who have exhibited that behavior.