14th Stash Tab granted on PTR for Conqueror completion


The maximum number of Stash Tabs (according to Nev’s posts on the old forums and in the Season 17 announcement blog) should be 13. That being the case, you’d better check the code that grants extra tabs before 2.6.6 goes live…


14th Stash Tab on the PTR

I only have 12 Stash Tabs and can purchase no more. I believe that’s because the last time I did a PTR Copy was before Season 17. I also believe that once I finish Season 18 PTR I will earn the 13th Stash Tab. I’ll be curious to see if I’ll be allowed to purchase a 14th one. But, I’m guessing “no”.

For future PTRs I think I’ll PTR Copy first and then Rebirth my main. :wink:

Wishful Thinking: Season 18 Live will allow a 14th Stash Tab to be earned. :pray:


The limit of 13 (on live) consists of…
6 tabs - D3 + ROS
2 tabs - Necro DLC
5 tabs - Earned one per season for Conqueror, so takes 5 seasons

If you have 12 currently, that means you’ve missed one of the Conqueror unlocked tabs on live so that when you did the live-to-PTR copy, it copied over with 12 so you’d be able to unlock your 13th on the PTR.

I already had 13 unlocked on live, so had 13 available on PTR, and unlocked a 14th when I got Conqueror on PTR, which shouldn’t be possible.


Yes, I know.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Maximum Stash Tabs
Diablo III =
+ 4 Stash Tabs
Reaper of Souls =
+ 2 Stash Tabs
Rise of the Necromancer =
+ 2 Stash Tabs
Complete Conqueror Chapter in 5 Seasons =
+̲ ̲5̲ ̲S̲t̲a̲s̲h̲ ̲T̲a̲b̲s̲
Total current =
13 Stash Tabs

You need to reread what I posted. :wink:

In other words: If I had done a fresh PTR Copy for this, Patch 2.6.6 PTR, I would have 13 Stash Tabs already, instead of 12.

I went on to say:


This is, indeed, a bug. The intended, total cap is 13 and we are working on getting this resolved.


You mean resolve the bug, or resolve the cap of 13?


She means the cap is 13.


Yeah 13 is it… look at all the post about the servers crashing due to stash tabs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::gun:


Great job Meteor.
Couldn’t you have kept your trap shut and let it go live?


No, because there would have been a huge outcry had this gone live, people had earned a 14th tab, and then Blizzard removed them again.

For example, what would happen to the gear that was in your 14th tab when they deleted that tab, and so on.


That’s precisely why they would have had to leave it in.
So we might have had one tab more, but now we don’t for sure. Thanks.


No matter how upset you are about this, I’m not going to apologise for reporting a bug that should never make it to live, especially knowing how much carnage it would cause if it got to live and they had to hotfix it out rather than fix it before it goes live.


That actually would have made it much, much worse, assuming it wasn’t already a bug that was in for correction when I checked in on it (it was).

It’s very easy for us to “add stash tabs” in the visual, you-can-see-and-access on an individual basis sense (which is what you were seeing). It is an entirely different thing to add functional ones that won’t break the game once the patch goes live.

So no, adding a stash tab that hasn’t been prepared for that scenario would not have been a good thing, nor would it have magically solved the issues we’ve already gone on, at great length, about as to why this is not something we’re looking to add right now.

That hasn’t changed; if it does, we’ll communicate very clearly and intentionally about it.