🩸 Rend barb 2.6.7a Guide

Hey fellas, here is a guide to Wrath of the Wastes Rend barbarian. I have answered most of the mechanical questions in the video but if I missed anything please leave a comment down below either here or on the video for me and I’ll do my best to answer.

Solo: https://www.d3planner.com/754132526
Group RendRuns: https://www.d3planner.com/588511429



Here’s another good guide for those that prefer to read.

Thanks for the great video and detailed mechanics explanations. Good to finally see an upto date guide that discusses the newly buffed weapons, there’s a lot of misinformation around.


Great video! So hype for this season.


Out of curiousity, how much sheet cooldown do we need for WW. I have like 30 sheet CD at the moment & I have Warth passive & I have like 25% or so downtime for Berserker.

I sit at 50% cdr without captain crimson and 61% with it. 45-50% cdr is my sweet spot.

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thanks a lot (20 chars)

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Hi, just wondering if this is still valid, viable? Nobody on the leaderboard is using this build. At least on the US leaderboard.



Use the stickied guide at the top of this forum. This is not the guide you want to use.


Yes It is viable. Every single person pushing Seasonal is using this build. The choice of weapons is up to you as Istevan’s set gives you 30% armor and also 30% flat damage vs gaining 20% physical and 50% elite damage. In NS however you get away without band of might and use Captain Crimson’s set. Check the leaderboard as i used this set and cleared a 12 mins 135 in about 10 keys.

In all my guides I mostly explain the mechanics rather than pinpointing the exact builds as it evolves with time. If you have any questions leave it either here or in the comment section of the video and I’ll answer when I can.

And Istvan 30%AS, and Ambo speed is only 1.3. Istvan is twice as good on paper. Plus the extra AS gives more with Stricken and healing.

LOL - well I guess that’s it then. Build is trash if the no-lifers don’t use it.


mumble muimble mumble lol, but you got there in the end :wink:

:joy: Yikes … come on bra, I am trying