Проблема с телепортом из интерфнйса

здравствуйте, столкнулся со следующей ситуацией, при телепортации из локаций Южное высокогорье и Северное высокогорье при помощи иконки телепорта в интерфейсе, при появлении в Тристраме происходит разрыв соединения, с соответствующим системным сообщением, повторялась 3-4 раза подряд, в город так и не попал, приходилось перезаходить в игру, но не в аккаунт. С уважением Сергей.


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The problem with the teleport from the interface

hello, I ran into the following situation, when teleporting from the locations of the South Highlands and the North Highlands using the teleport icon in the interface, when it appears in Tristram, the connection is broken, with the corresponding system message, it was repeated 3-4 times in a row, I never got to the city, had to re-enter the game, but not into the account. Best regards, Sergei.

Connection issues should be reported in the Technical Support forum first to verify if the problem can be repaired. Here is the link for technical assistance in Russian:

Good luck in your games !


I have the same problem. I’m playing on a PC, and I found a workaround to get around this problem. When you go to a location or teleport, a boot screen appears, just in the boot screen I just click the mouse :slight_smile: until the end of the boot screen and I don’t have any server disconnections. As soon as I don’t do this, I immediately get a sign saying that there is a break with the server. I can’t explain how it works.