WW-Barb on PTR has bugged IK-items in stash

Did anyone notic that the (prepared by Blizzard) PTR-Whirlwind-Barbar has the complete IK-set in the first stash-tab but in the IK-weapon and in the IK-helmet are no sockets?

Is that a hint to future version 2.4 changes to the IK-set or just a bug?
Has someone else these items without sockets?




good idea Indian, ty!

Wtf I thought I was in the general discusion section XD. Sorry dude i’m an idiot XD

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No, no, no!
You were absolutely right! After I read your hint, I just moved the topic into PTR-section! :laughing:

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I think I have your answer.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:
I’ve already seen this post, but I understood it to mean, that they talk about the fact, that the prepared characters do not match in terms of character build and the items included …

But I have not read from this post that it is not only the wrong items for the build, but also bugged items…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They had the wrong runes for Infinity on Bowazons merch. Ith instead of Ist. So I guess it could hapen that they got wrong items in. But the server test is not the patch test, so it dosen’t realy maters. All you need to do is try and brake the server.

The Level 85 “Barbarian” on PTR v. 1.1.68051 still got the same issues with IK-weapon and IK-helmet laying in the chest.
No sockets…

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Yes, still no sockets on the 2.4 Ik set.