WW assassin still broken

Hi Developers,
I really appreciate all the hard work and bugs that have been fixed.

However, many players have raised this issue over and over again, yet nothing has been done.
Whirlwind in Runeword Chaos for Assassin’s claws is bugged all over the place. You can get interrupted, your character often freezes and you just appear at the end of WW. It also seems that when you are Faded, attack speed is way slower compared to Burst of Speed, whilst there should be no difference at all.
Unless this is fixed, the only thing left for Assassins in PVP are traps and that was nerfed because of FHR change.
Please fix this.

P.S. Fade is also bugged visually on every single character, headgear becomes half-invisible. It is just esthetics, but still very annoying to see, especially on Natalya’s set.