WTS Ladder Skill charms and Items

passive magic + 32 gold Mal
bow Um
passive magic Um
Druid Elemental Um

Silkweave lem
Valkyrie wing 1 amazon skill Lem
Titans 152 ed Lem
razortail Sold
Stormshield Um
3/20 sc Ist
3/20 sc Ist

Monarch Lem Sold
Monarch Lem

crystal sword 5os pul
crystal sword 5os sold

14/14/10 - Sold
18/12/6 - Mal
14/16/5 - Sold
20/10/8 - sold
13/14/5 - Sold

20/10/8 anni + crystal 5os = gul?

alright, thats ok caught be before I shut off the pc. ill just launch the game



thank you off to sleep now will check back tomorrow.

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Natalya’s shadow - lem
tal rasha helm - um
Goldstrike bow lem
3os diamond mail - Um
4os kraken shell - lem
3os scarab husk - lem
4os sup boneweave 10 ed 12 durability - Mal

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3 open socket monarch - lem

4os 679 def eth great hauberk - Lem

IK Maul, IK Gauntlets, IK Boots - Lem

BUmp to the top for my bud P10

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thank you, hard time to sell just a few buying.

Tal rashas death mask 10 pgems

I’ll take titans and Tals mask if you still have


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I just woke up Ill add you buddy

send another friend request, thought the last request was spammer from the Asia realm

lol im hurt hahahah just add me again