Wow they still haven't announced ladder reset

Wow already almost done with the first week of september and not a peep from blizz about ladder reset.

jfc u ppl are sad


Yeah, I am inclined to agree here. Where are our updates?

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Ladder reset late september 100% be patient


Yeah pretty sad that there are no words from blizz almost 2 weeks of PTR.

My bet and you can mark my words: 28 of September to the one year anniversary they will launch ladder season 2.

Something like: it’s been one year since d2r started and for the anniversary we have a gigantic new feature called terror zones.

Like I said mark my words :smiley:


Agreed. I wish they would update us. Even if all they said was they are working on it, I’d be happy. The ongoing silence gives the impression that they don’t care.

As for an Anniversary launch of season 2, I could definitely believe that, but if that is the case, why not just say that? If they are afraid of not making the date, just say that too. “We are expecting a reset on Sep 28th. However, we are still working on updates, so a delay is possible.” Is that too much to ask for?

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Terrible communication from the game workers. No holding to the words spoken whatsoever.

For killing our favorite game I hope the workers’ team gets fired, so then they can learn how things are properly done.
Fingers crossed!

idk if you’ve been afk the last 5 years or so but its not the same company it used to be. They don’t care. They are apathetic. They are woke. They are bought. They don’t deliver quality like they used to in the old days of bnet 1.0. Once upon a time they regularly interacted on the forums; now days you get an occasional bread crumb. Bashiok was the last beacon of light the company had on the forums.


I was afk.

Though I don’t ask for much.

Just reset the ladder every 4 months as promised. No other crap needed. I feel like if they let us play the original game with the nice graphics all would be fine… but someone wanted to show the world his “great” Diablo 2 improvement ideas… and couldn’t deliver on that.

I just hope they don’t put it on the most inconvenient date/weekend of the month for me, but lets see

I was so hoping for August reset. Tired of grinding my ladder car and i have a ton of equipment for my normal online car. Just wanted the reset so i can play with my pally and sorc waiting for the stuff i saved up for them.

Booted up my Necro on ladder last night but after 5min i was just done with the grinding over and over again. Tired of my necro for now just want a change of scenery.

So now i’m not playing at all. If this is how they do business maybe just quit my beloved game all together and call it quits. If you commit to a timeline you keep to the timeline its how business is run. If you can not commit to the timeline then inform all parties about the delay.

Blizzard get your act together. This is pathetic to say the least.

From 2 days ago:

Lastly, I wanted to clear up on the S2 timing as there is a bunch of confusion on this and honestly it is 100% understandable why there is confusion. Before S1 began, we had noted that we were aiming to have seasons last 4 months. We are obviously past that timeline and to be 100% honest, we kind of didn’t plan very well on our end for that date. Terror Zones was a cool feature we wanted to nail correctly as it teetered back and forth on the line of “Should we do this or not?” many times throughout development and with that it caused a little bit of a delay on the Season transition. I just wanted to state that and apologize for that murkiness around when that season transition would occur. We are looking at mitigating this issue for future seasons in D2R.

The current order of operation is that we will end PTR here soon and start submission for final builds on 2.5 and get out that to everyone on the live environment. Season 1 to Season 2 will happen fairly immediately. We expect S2 to start a week or two after 2.5 hits so we have a date that everyone is aligned on and knows about. S1 will literally end the second we transition to S2.

As more dates become aligned here in the coming week, we will provide updates to give a better window on 2.5 and S2 for the community.

They should’ve posted this in the General Discussion section rather than having it tucked away in the PTR Feedback section.

They never promised 4 month ladders, all they said is that they were interested in trying it.

As for the topic, I’m guessing late September at the earliest. I think they’ll close the PTR tomorrow and take next week to finalize any changes, then 2.5 releases September 20 and the ladder resets September 30.

That’s actually looking like a pretty tight timeline now though so it could be pushed into October, though I don’t think the reset will go past mid October at the latest.

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How can they close ptr when they want to do something about Hammerdins first?

Pretty sure they said every 4 months…guess that was just another Blizzard lie.

Well they kind of did. Look into the PTR feedback section from time to time.