Why do the wife and I have issues joining each others game?

I get on ok, she gets in and types out game name password no typos no caps lock, but she gets the error “this game is no longer available”… Then of course you get communication error if you try and retype and try again, 2 minute wait…
This happens with regularity, she says she’s done with the game, I’m almost there too.

Anyone know what’s going on with this?


The waiting period is due to game rate limiting. The following Blizzard post explains what is going on in more detail:

Rate limiting: We are limiting the number of operations to the database around creating and joining games, and we know this is being felt by a lot of you. For example, for those of you doing Pindleskin runs, you’ll be in and out of a game and creating a new one within 20 seconds. In this case, you will be rate limited at a point. When this occurs, the error message will say there is an issue communicating with game servers: this is not an indicator that game servers are down in this particular instance, it just means you have been rate limited to reduce load temporarily on the database, in the interest of keeping the game running. We can assure you this is just mitigation for now–we do not see this as a long-term fix.

Because it looks like in the quite of the night Blizzard split the region. So you can each be in the same game but not in the same block of servers.

We don’t know if this was separated between East and West yet.

I notice it happens a lot when they have some server issues or maintenance.

Blizzard has messed with regions on the back-end. At least for NA region, and some people say EU too, they are now split into sub-regions, and someone in one can not join a game in the other. Only way to fix it is to close D2, then restart and hope you get placed in the same region. It’s created a real mess.


This is funny - since we sit 3 feet apart when we play, wouldn’t surprise me though.


coz activision knows a woman is involved
no in all honesty there servers are trash bad
then again it is activion i wouldnt be surprized if my ‘joke’ was more on point…

It’s amazing how the launch was crap… but it still manages to get worse every single patch…

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There needs to be more posts on this issue. I don’t even think they realize this broke last night


Yea its pretty busted right now, so annoying to trade atm.

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Looks like they split each region into two separate IP Addresses and depending on which server you connect to, are the games you will be able to see/join. I had this problem this morning with my two accounts being unable to see each other’s games. I logged off on both, restarted my computers, and then started the game on both computers again; this got both on the same server.

Edit: Found this Blue post on the Technical Support Forums;


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Customer Support



Hey all,

We’ve seen some reports of this happening and from what the devs say, it happens when we’re actively deploying something server-side like a fix, which is why it happens to several players in spikes when it happens. The issue will usually resolve itself if both friends restart the game client, unless the deployment is still actively happening. Alternately, you can wait for the deployment to finish and it’ll clear up on its own.

I know that this is not exactly optimal when queues are active, so here’s an alternate work around. Other players mention that temporarily removing each other from their friends list can work around this. To do this, you’d remove eachother from your friends list while the issue is happening, communicate elsewhere, and re add each other later when the issue clears up.

Either way the developers are working on needing these fixes to happen less often over time which should prevent the problem from popping up less often over time as well.


One of you are cheating.

i wish i have a wife to play diablo with me😢

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Because Blizz split the regions up now…so we cant even join our friends games anymore half the time. Lol what a mess this game has been but this is just the icing on the top. Im starting to think the D3 launch was now better

Yeah same issue here. Only fix is to both join bnet at same time. The fact they say its global servers may be true but server cluster are not global and that is shown in this case.

They whole server system is a total disaster. Lobby is a disaster. God forbid you type the wrong dam number into the game you join…game does not exist…now wait two minutes.

You know it will be 6 months before this is even fixed or if it ever gets fixed.

I am tempted do do a charge back on all three copies here just in case. If it does get fixed then ill buy again but high chance nothing will get fixed.