Why do people blame players

I mean we aren’t even arguing reality anymore. Do you think more than 2% of players thought there was a strong chance of no ladder until April pre launch? It’s very clear they didn’t which is why it’s ridiculous to expect anyone to have made a decision prior to launch as though it would be. If the game is worth $40 to me as long as ladder launches by January then there is no risk to me on sept 23 in my mind. And I can test my older laptop and do a trial run.

Who knows the percentage? How long did it take W3R to get their first ladder?

Also, why are you convinced ladder will launch in April and not March? Is that based on Blizzard communication or just your viewpoint?

Because the percentage that thought that suggests the reasonability of the concern. Otherwise you are just speaking from hindsight which isn’t relevant.

Give the Ptr isn’t out yet. They said they need to test and then make adjustments I think March is unlikely and prior to 6 month unlikely other than Maybe March 22 best case

I suspect that you are right, but I would check PezRadar’s recent tweets to see what he actually said. You can learn alot when you are informed and then make informed decisions.

I mean it doesn’t matter to me. My window to play ladder is now essentially passed. I lost

Does that also mean soon that you will not have time to post on the D2R forums either?

Also, if you do not have spare time in April, why did you post this earlier today?

Why would you see any of us, if you were not here in April?

It sure does. Games will take a back seat if not permanently at least for quite a while.

Edit: I didn’t mean I’d literally see people in April. That was my way to say I think ladder will be out in April. It will be without me

There’s no point to ladder. I bet you 3 Ber runes you won’t be in top 100.

You bought a game for a 3 month long seasonal mode that converts to what you play now. Why do you care so deeply?

Why does that matter? There is something fun another ladder to end and the initial push and economy. But at the end of the day I don’t need to explain to you why I prefer a feature. That’s like you telling me I shouldn’t like meteor sorc

D2R launch had a fresh economy, initial push, and all the old ladder runewords.

If that is the key features of a ladder, then D2R launch was de facto ladder as I have stated.


No it wasn’t. No leaderboard. Characters don’t have the temp vibe. People didn’t know how to play at launch given the likely ladder soon (which was believed then). I didn’t play it like a ladder because I don’t have the time or energy for two big pushes. Maybe if they said no ladder until April prior to launch it would have been “closer” to a ladder feel but this did not feel like a ladder and I think most players would agree

Really??? I am pretty sure the returning playerbase from a 20 year old game knows how to play D2/D2R.

Not likely. If anything the upcoming ladder will feel less like a D2 ladder, as there will be a new patch with skill rebalancing and new runewords. If you wanted that D2 experience in D2R, I would be playing aggressively as the new patch will change things forever.

Ugh. I don’t mean they didn’t know how to play the game. I meant they didn’t know how to balance their time and how much to commit to a character they may abandon in 2 weeks. Like you want to find fault in every comment that you look for faults before trying to think About what is actually being said. If you’d read the full sentence it was clear.

Just out of curiosity, how many times have you appeared on the D2 Ladder Leaderboard? And please, no lying! Because we all already know the answer…

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Why is that relevant? Hit 105 on barb in d3 early in seasons but it’s fun to try even if I get rocked. Not sure why I need to defend my interests to you though

The answer

D2 ladder =/= D3 seaons

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No kidding. Never said it was. You keep trying to do the same thing. Arguing things I’m not claiming. As I’ve said I don’t need to prove to you morons why I like ladder. How on earth is that relevant. I could buy the game for Ubers and not know how to beat normal. Doesn’t change why I bought it

Because you keep refuting Micro talking about our de-facto first ladder (or Ladder 0) from D2R launch until the “first ladder” and one of the first points you said was “no leaderboard”. A better question would be, how is it not relevant? Also hilarious you talk about D3 seasons when asked about D2 ladder? I mean, I get it, I too was dropped on my head as a baby, so I understand your confusions.

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My point being I have put in the time in other games which is what a ladder race is. If that parallel is confusing for you then I am not surprised you were dropped. It wasn’t a de facto ladder. No one playing at the time felt it was either. Get real

It wasn’t a ladder. No one is claiming it was. Don’t lie to my face and pretend.

Silly me you are right, we must have 500 pages of stash just to hold on to all of the different BiS charms for all levels of dueling. What you cannot decide to stay with level x dueling and duel with the builds that you have chosen. Builds that will not need super special charms to fully optimize them for PvP. I am sure there are those builds that don’t require a lot of special charms for dueling.

Charms don’t say barb only unless you are using skillers and I don’t think that PvP dueling allows skillers because they would be too high of a level for it. That is unless there is a level of dueling that is higher than level 30 dueling.

You are right I need 300 pages of stash worth of torches that will never get used. Even three whole tabs for 10/10 torches.

Let’s sit at Blizz’s door till they give us infinite stash space and 500 character slots right. That should be more than sufficient to keep everything you ever find. After all cars are video games right, btw nice strawman.

How else will you accommodate all play styles. As soon as you have more than enough stash space and character slots to accommodate your play style others that arguably need more will come up asking for more. Then you have the hoarders that will want more as well. The same with character slots.

But those that would want more regardless of the reason would come along and ask for more. So pad it where no one would ever ask for more.

When you buy something solely for one feature alone and nothing else. Then it makes no logical sense that you should buy it if that feature is not in the game at launch and there is no way of knowing for a certainty that it would be there within a two month period. More so since Blizz is known for its abysmal launches.

When people are telling you what they would do that is in harmony with knowing how Blizz handles launches isn’t blaming. It is called using their knowledge to try to help you and others like you make informed purchases.

Even MicroRNA showed you a thread that Boutus posted on September 21, 2021 which was two days before D2R launched. He had one post where he said that he was concerned that ladder may never get added. Even though he got a reply from the devs in a tweet due to how some things that were promised for Warcraft 3 Reforged but never added.

I don’t think that complaint would slow them down much if at all. The development team are not the ones that are likely to be the ones handling the legal challenges of such a complaint. That is unless VV had their hand in the cookie jar as well as far as being abusers and the devs of D2R had their hands full of it. Then yes that would slow them down.

So you have read that thread and seen Boutus’ concerns so now you have to move the goalpost huh. Don’t like finding out that some might be concerned that D2R would never get ladder added.

I think finally he has a good point on when the ladder season one for D2R would begin. Due to what has been said. They didn’t mention how long the PTR for ladder would be. Next they said that there would be two weeks after PTR for ladder and other changes that they would shift through the feedback to make any final changes that would need to be done before launching patch 2.4. Then it would be a week or two after patch 2.4 goes live before the ladder would start. So a start date of March to maybe mid April might be more correct.

There will have to be ladder launches during your busy season at work. So that means you won’t be available for ever ladder season of D2R.

If you are playing the ladder for the race then you will one day want to see your name on the leader boards even if it is low in the rankings.