Why are there queues? seriously

so if the game ran perfectly and didn’t crash randomly af id say ok queues are annoying but I can live with it, but to add queues when the game is unstable as 2 drunks trying to pogo is willful negligence at best. You guys need to get on the ball and start managing the game. between the rampant chat spam from a few specific rmt stores, to the constant crashings and “failed to connect” bs that makes it where you cant join a game for like 3 minutes because oopsie the game you tried to join was full or you misspelt it the game is becoming less and less enjoyable. you guys are ruining the good name of the original diablo 2. get your act together already and fix this mess.


Why are there queue at this time of day is the real question. Why do we suffer for the sake of Asia? No offence but…


Extremly annoying for just having a typo, but mate. 30s not 3min

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might as well be if you’re trying to do something like baal runs, that 30 seconds is enough to lose a place in that game


Que’ed in at 66 waited a minimum of 15 minutes to actually get on battle.net. Made my own personal game. Started off heading to Andy and got “connection interrupted” by cats 3. This is ridiculous… can’t believe I paid money for this…

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Explained very clearly


US East/West/Americas have absolutely nothing to do with Europe/Asia regions. dont be blasting them for this, its enough of a sh*fshow already. some of us out here somehow, someway, still believe Blizz will pull out of this.

Its those of us that were there to buy Diablo 1, from day 1, and know the true experience that wont give up on them. of course, i want a god damn refund at this point, but im not gonna go on the forums posting pointless crap like this.

go find something else to do.


Why are there queues?

Do you know how some buildings have a max capacity?

That’s why…

Stop Asian hate douchebag

The question is why are there no queues at all for games like CoD thats also from Actiblizz for example ? When i want to play CoD i can login and play tho they got way more players than D2R - no queues. So why do we need queues in D2R ?

US East/West/Americas have absolutely nothing to do with Europe/Asia regions.

I don’t know if you have realized this, but there is no region lock on this game. Europe and Asia players are free to join the Americas region anytime they want…

Because those games were built with new tech and an architecture that allows scaling to millions of players. D2 is 20 years old and in no way was intended to scale to that size. Essentially the queues prevent reaching the “tipping point” at which the regional and global databases(storing games and characters) seize and collapse the entire game across the globe. Not trying to be a dick but did you read their post about why they implemented the queues? Or is it just because I am a software dev that I understood it immediately.


ironically, after finally getting ingame, i joined a baal run in hell only to have some random guy speaking chinese

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Iam not sure if your around here that often; ive been the past 10 years, since around 2011 before D3 got released and had a postcount of 3,7k in the old forums; and believe it or not - in that entire time we often got told things from the pr-department that was everything just not the truth - thats why i give you an advice - when you read official statements read em trice and think about em very well before you decide to believe only a quarter of em.

My 5 cents.

Not nearly as clear as it should be:

  • Cost cutting (global auth servers) and lack of proper planning (poor/no sales projections) resulting in failure to provide necessary infrastructure to support the customer base.
  • Continuing to oversell a game with multiplayer access to overloaded servers.
  • A complete lack of concern for the experience of existing customers.

If you actually read the whole post it goes on to explain that there’s a world wide server which requires local severs to load out saved characters from time to time and this crashes out which cascades down to local servers so yeah… this is a worldwide issue for no good reason.

I just want my money back… can’t play the darn game at all…

bobby koticks gundam isnt gonna build itself, so we gotta wait an hour to play every time we sit down

If only ActiBlizzard weren’t a small indie company without the resources to buy more capacity.

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I can’t connect to battle net position in the queue 195