When does season1 officialy end?

could not find any info… anyone know?

will need some time to clear out and delete all my mules and ladder chars because of this pathetic 20char limit :frowning:

5 min before season 2 starts

well, yeah thats what im “scared” of lol…

i totally think its a possibility, that they think with the shared stash moving to NL and ppl having a whole season to empty it, its done.

them not mentioning a “seasons end date” in the patchnotes kinda indicates that they probably not thought of the problem i discriped…

we will see how short sighted they realy are.

Season1 to Season2 will take one second.

Quoting PezRadar:
Season 1 to Season 2 will happen fairly immediately. We expect S2 to start a week or two after 2.5 hits so we have a date that everyone is aligned on and knows about. S1 will literally end the second we transition to S2.

For example: Season 1 will go to 4:59:59pm Pacific Time and Season 2 will begin at 5:00:00pm Pacific Time.


Apparently they’ve streamlined and automated the ladder reset procedure that they always had issues with in the past with the original game. Plus it probably helps that the updated platform isn’t built on ancient code and is capable of taking advantage of modern hardware. So yeah, ~1 hour crunched down to 1 second. Noice.

If you just make space now there is no problem. I already did that and made room for five new characters, that should be enough to start ladder. I.e. I already deleted my Ladder Trav barb because my non ladder barb is 2 levels higher. Threw the good gear into the shared stash and deleted everything else. Will delete more in the next week probably.

But regardless, I want more slots :frowning:

thnaks for the tip, but as if i havent thought of that :confused:

the thing is… i already optimized my space on NL (including open space for my ladder stuff), and my shared stash in ladder is already full of items that i wana keep. still have very good stuff on the ladder chars itself and some goodies on ladder mules… so i did all i can do for now and have to wait till ladder ends… then have to mule all the items and delete chars and then i can start playing new ladder… THAT SUCKS!

and in advance^^ no, im not a hoarder, i play this game for many many years and know what to keep and what not… there is just not enough space if u play more than 5h on the weekends or convert 90% of ur ingame wealth into fg :roll_eyes: