What's with a queue on a Monday morning?

Not been on for a few weeks and find a queue to play on a Monday morning.
Started at 97, 15 minutes its down to 84.
This is crazy…

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This is an explanation of what is going on. Mornings (US) are the worst time to try and login to the game currently

Just wait until your queue ends you manage to get in, puts you in offline tab, you click online tab, says cannot connect to server and places you back in a queue higher than what you were in the first time. Have fun spending an hour in queue. It’s been really bad. Logging in, in the morning has been rough for the past week.

Urgh. Okay, I’ll make some room for you guy’s, signing off. I’ll try again in another few weeks


i find it a lot better to just leave your comp on and d2r character screen up no que till you get kicked wile in game

This or just make a parking game so people are always joining. You literally have to do this now to avoid queues.

Actually we talked about this yesterday but you must have already forgotten. The reason we have ques is because Asia is using our servers due to the fact that theirs is full.

It’s been this way for about a week and a half, after almost a week of daily, three hour long server crashes they implemented a queue system, and the queue is longest in the morning US because globally that is the busiest time of the day. The queue unfortunately NEEDS to be global due to how it was designed, each region has it’s own server but those servers all save to a single global server and that server is the one that was crashing.

I just want to go back to selflessly farm trav and pindle like a bot aimlessly & let my soul drift away to an oblivion

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The hero we all look up to.

yes and no. global update is the real bastard. they just need segregation like the 1960’s.

What’s up with the queue on a weekday? We’re overflow for the Asia realm.

Blizzard is deleting threads exposing that.

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