What to do with Zod rune?

I’ve been sitting on this thing for ages, and I’m not sure if I should just continue to sit on it, or sell it, or what.

I have an eth Berserker Axe, but it’s not superior (i.e., no ED, etc). So that seems like a waste to throw BotD in…especially since I don’t really have a use for BotD that I’m aware of.

I was thinking maybe finding a good eth base for a merc weapon, but I’m not sure that’s worth doing either.

put in eth shako just for style points

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Odds are 30 eth Shakos will drop before another Zod!

OP, save it. If they fix 2 handers, then you can make and have a lot of fun with a whirlwind barb. Keep your eyes open for superior weapons. Be patient!




I’d join a game and go off by myself and drop it somewhere randomly so some guy jumps up and down thinking he found a zod. Lol. Not like its really useful for a lot but it is insanely rare to find. You found the highest rarest rune in the whole game. I’ve never found one

Eth BOTD Zerker 100%, make a zealadin paly just because.

Just save the Zod for yourself for now. You may come across an high roll eth unique you want to zod and keep it anyways. It will come in good use later. Or sell it for 9 Ist if you feel you don’t need it.

That seems a bit risky with the vacuum cleaners some players have that can suck stuff up from across the map.

Just as a flex? Mercs don’t use up durability, so Zod in an eth would be pointless, unless you mean base for a RW that uses Zod?

I assumed in this scenario they would be giving the random said Zod rune. I once saw a post (don’t recall if it was here or Reddit) where someone had “planted” several HRs for a new player to find along their journey and it took the new player a while to figure out they weren’t normal drops. I assume oscurokey was suggesting something like that, drop it in a random game where someone will find it and think some random mob dropped it.

Oh yeah I forgot about all the cheaters

Four zodded eth armor to protest the state of bots and the economy.

Never found a Zod in all my years playing D2.
But found my first Cham and Lo.

The bad thing is…no one wants cham or zod these days🤣

The clear answer is to socket it in a non eth low quality weapon to save trips to the blacksmith. :sunglasses:

Nahh you want to put it in a eth tomb reaver with max sockets and good ed and give it to your merc… jokes aside.

Just go for the botd berserker axe or some weapon your gonna use.

What I personally used the Zods I traded for(the only rune I haven’t ever dropped):

  • Ebotd BA for self-use
  • Ebotd CB for self-use
  • Ebotd Warpike for GF Barb merc or self-use if they ever fix 2h ww
  • Socketed in an eth 260%ED Death Cleaver
  • Socketed in an eth 283%ED upgraded Ribcracker
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Thanks for all the replies folks.

For now, I’m going to hold onto it, and see if they do something with Zod’s in the future. Barring that, I might consider a build that uses Eth Berserker Axe with BotD.

hold it, maybe in the next 5 years it mean something