What the point of this test realm?

The alpha definitely was. The two betas were poorly managed and too short to give proper time for Vicarious Visions to react to what players found. Then having a stupidly short window between the last beta and release just compounded the issues and sent us into the abyss we had at launch.

I can’t really lay into Vicarious Visions given that they are new to how Blizzard works and the fact they got saddled with legacy spaghetti code that had to have things shoehorned into it and then had to deal with crunch after crunch after crunch. My beef is really with Blizzard proper, whom does have experience with launches, PTRs, BTRs, and ATRs. D2R has been mismanaged thus far and lack of proper communication and documentation has only compounded that problem.

I really, really miss Brandy Camel (Nevalistis). The current CMs are awesome people, but they aren’t using even half of the tools and formatting for blogs that she put in place to make things clearer for players and to be more readable in general.

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Please stop. The OP has chilled out and the back and forth about spelling/grammar is not really constructive. The thread did not start out on a good foot. The current chat about game stability and release schedules, test cycles, etc, seems reasonable.


Yeah, if we were able to push to Pindle during the beta, even in NORMAL DIFFICULTY, we could have given them a taste of what was to come.

Hind sight is always 20/20.


Something like that, they screwed us again long story short. I was the one dumb enough to give them my money and i knew this would happen. Just love D2 so much was hoping for a miracle, instead got what i expected. I still have hopes this can turn into a great game but we were all ripped off 60 bucks for sure . Again that is my own fault, its also my fault i believed there would actually be ladder in january. As for this PTR i thought i would at least be able to test the refresh button but i will leave this alone now

Blizzard did not make it clear what this PTR is all about for instance the launcher says, “the next d2 patch is in development and ready for testing visit the forums to learn more” no the new patch is not ready for testing what is ready for testing is the servers which will not get enough traffic to do a proper test as no one is testing the PTR lol. So because there is zero traffic on the servers everything will seem fine, once there is traffic who freaking knows but the traffic will not come until PTR 2.4 actually comes if it even comes then.

Chilled out maybe, but damage has been done, and I don’t see why I do not have the right to continue on.

which links to Diablo II: Resurrected | 1.12 - PC PTR Patch Notes

that clearly states what patch they are testing and what it is for…

here is a resource that i think could help a lot of people on the forum not calling out anyone in particular just trying to be helpful.

yep forums and social media are a cancer to mental health for the most part. I been saying that since facebook came out, social media had potential to do good mostly done bad.

I do not think posting self help videos or whatever you linked there will help anyone though and has nothing to do with diablo 2

some things are not taught in school any longer

they also gave a hammerdin a grief and COH , meanwhile his merc is rocking a etheral enigma LMAO :wink:

I don’t know from what i seen here , you just supposed to log in a bunch of times and exit games all we are testing. I really do not think the servers will see enough traffic for anything relevant to happen with this test but i am not a game developer. Lets hope something good comes of this.

Did you forget to take your meds? Why are you flipping your lid? Read the description of the stickied post at the top of the general forum. This is far from a difficult concept to comprehend

Obviously someone have difficulty in reading.

Currently stuck at #204 in the queue after game crashed to desktop mid duel. Anyone else?

I think you will get better feedback about the PTR on the PTR feedback forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Others also report a queue.

If you have queue, it could actually mean that the amount of people who participated into this testing is waaaaaaaaay more than some emotional cry baby claimed it would be

ty was about to go looking for it.

finger cuffs on standby


The ptr is pointless since the bots spamming games won’t do so in the ptr :joy:

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You sound particularly nettled.

I’d suggest taking a deep breath, stepping away from the forums, lying down in a bathtub of meatsauce, curling into a ball and pretending you’re a meatball. It’s very relaxing and therapeutic. I’ve been told you can also just do it with milk and pretend you’re a cheerio and get the same effect, but I have yet to test this.

I’m on Jared’s side in all this.

Ya’ll are nerds


I agree.
Why would anyone want to test anything for Blizzard again.
They released an unfinished game, and want us to Beta test it now,
We already did Beta months ago.
Not our job to fix a product that they decided was ready for release.
They will never learn their lesson this way.
Buyer beware should be the mantra with any Blizzard game now.