What the point of this test realm?

Whats the freaking point here , the lobby is still crap and there are no noticeable changes. WTF are we testing?


It was to test your reading comprehension skills. You Failed.


Sticky thread at the top of the forum explains what the current PTR is about - which is database/server related.

Please read that and if you have further questions, feel free to ask.

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I don’t think I can say that, even though I don’t work for Blizz.


Testing concluded, the PTR is exactly the same and the lobby is still sh*t . Your welcome blizzard, i was able to log in succesfully, thanks for wasting my time!


To prevent this in the future, please read the patch notes about each Test event. Those will give you information that will help you decide if you wish to participate or not. It will avoid wasting your time.


i sure did , i cannot comprehend this at all. I successfully logged in i guess that was the test. Mission accomplished, usually d2 mods and other games and such launch public test realms with new features to try or bug fixes…

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These are back end changes to test how the server handles people remaking games in less than 60 seconds so it doesn’t tip over once Ladder starts.

But honestly, idk if enough people are going to put any sort of actual pressure on the servers. We’re not going to know if this worked until a couple of weeks after ladder starts and everyone is spamming Pindle again.

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Thats what i thought this whole thing seeems like a waste there is like 2 games running , anyway i logged in and it worked if that helps . There are no noticeable bug fixes or changes of any kind so i really cannot make any sense of this.

It’s not really “can you log in” it’s “can you spam the absolute $@#@ out of the game making mechanic.” I think ideally we all log in, do 30sec pindleskin runs rinse and repeat to see if we bottleneck the servers. w/o any actually content to test, it’s kind of short sighted though. I’d be pissed off if I run 1-2 hours worth of pindle, get a GG drop and I can’t take it to the live servers. I’d rather just run pindle on live.

if we’re being realistic, they probably won’t get much useable data until after they push this to live and start PTR for the first balance patch. Kind of a shame.

The point of this PTR is to remind you to learn to READ.

Test the enviroment??? This is the same crap we been testing for 4 months there is nothing to test !! I know what a public test realm is i have participated in D2 online mod test realms and ptr on other titles. I was expecting there to be something to test , not the same game same lobby and 3 games running. You cannot test the servers with such little traffic.

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Yeah, completely failed reading comprehension.

There was a blue post about this a couple of months back. With that said, this PTR is a bit underwhelming. I really did expect some other server stability stuff like lobby list auto refresh issue, considering they had three months between posting about the database issues and this PTR. Granted, they had to rewrite old code regarding saving procedures and probably a few other areas where it touched, but considering we’re talking about a major balance change patch coming shortly afterwards…

Anyways, that is my thoughts.

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Apparently there’s plenty of people knows what is to test a what to do to help with testing if you ever READ the forum a bit.

I guess not only you don’t know how to read you also don’t know how to search, and how to use your brain.

People entitle much nowadays, I see, yet another ignorant crying baby here.

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I honestly don’t get why you’re getting so emotional, touchy, and defensive over a PTR.

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At this point, I would like to suggest the forum Code of Conduct. Even masked profanity is not allowed.

If you don’t want to test something, great. Read up on it before hand and don’t test. Wait until a test cycle you are interested in. Complaining that they are testing, exactly what they said they were going to test, is a bit odd.


They want you to log in and out…a lot.

So go on, like their Twitter account said, “grab your weapons”…and log in and out a lot!

Nobody is offended. More like confused you did not read the PTR info, made a thread complaining about it, and are very upset about it to the point of swearing and attacking people.

If you don’t care for the forum, maybe don’t participate in it? Just like you don’t have to participate in the PTR?

You asked a question - what was the point of the PTR. You got answers. You just don’t seem to like them.


Dax gave me an answer, everyone else just did the typical neckbeard trolling thing. I want to help with testing but there is zero traffic and nothing to test really , i did my part and logged in and out a few times :wink:


You got an answer from me with the actual links in my first reply.