What is this Anni Talk?

Hey all! Excuse my ignorance but I have seen recent posts about “Free anni’s” and “Enjoy your Anni’s” etc. and then a post about people trying to find Diablo.

So what is happening? Am I or did I miss some event? I know you can get one using the keys to open the portal to get Uber but judging from some of these posts there seems like an easy way to get it now or Diablo just appearing now. I am really confused here.

Thank you all!

You are thinking of a torch. The annihilus charm is something different look it up.
Imagine the power of your character with a torch and an anni :sunglasses:

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Ahhh okay. And yes I was thinking of the torch.

Is there supposed to be some secret way then to get this or what am I missing? When I googled it I just saw people cloning games or something. I heard something about selling SOJs to vendors but you need a lot of people to do that unless you are playing offline.

Any tips for solo online? Thanks again for the info too!

anni is short for annihilus charm. it’s a guaranteed drop from “diablo clone”

basically, the servers keep track of how many stones of jordan, a unique ring, get sold to vendors on a given server. once enough have been sold, a more powerful version of diablo invades sanctuary. you have to be in hell mode to find him, and he replaces the first “super unique” monster you encounter. super unique monsters are the ones with names that don’t change. rakanishu by the stony field pillars, bishibosh in the cold plains. basically if it has a permanent name and a bunch of minions around it.

he’s stronger than regular hell mode diablo, but he drops the annihilus charm. it gives +1 to skills, some resist all, a little bit of + to all attributes, and most importantly it increases experience gains.


nah, they call him “diablo clone” or “dclone” for short.

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In game the command /uberdiablo is used to track his status.

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Google Diablo Clone, it’s pretty cool!

meh. exp gain is hardly important… resists are by far the most important stat

but to answee the op…

when 80-120 sojs (stones of jordan) are sold to merchants on a server (realm)
a clone of diablo will spawn in every hell game of that server
( these ars split between ladder, nonladder and hardcore ladder, hardcore nonlader. for each realm NA/EU/ KR) so there are a total of 12 realms, each with thier own count

it is called a “walk” becuase in the original game before 2.4
it would shake the screen and say " diablo walks the earth"

this will spawn dclone at the first superunique monster you meet which you have not yet visited in the game and will replace them and thier minion pack

dclone has very high regen so you either need extremely high damage or crushing blow and/or open wounds.

while he is technically called “uber diablo” no one calls him that, everyone calls him “dclone”
because uber baal and uber mephy are found in uber trist the diablo in uber trist is for some reason called “pandemonium diablo” because the uber trist event is called the “pandemonium event”
so when people refer to “uber diablo” they are most likely refering to “pandamonium diablo” and not “dclone”

when he is killed he will drop a single Annihilus charm ( regardless of how mnay people are in the game)

this means if you think ( or know) people are going to do a “walk”( get him to spawn)
iuts best to join your own solo passworded game so u can guarantee you get your own personal one and dont have to fight anyone else for it ( just dclone himself )

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anni doesnt drop in uber trist. anni drops from dclone.

Dclone spawns for everyone in that region and game mode.

it’s seperated by sc/hc and ladder/nl as well as region.

so he can spawn for everyone in sc nl in the americas for example, but that wouldnt spawn him for asia or europe. he wouldnt spawn in hc or ladder america either.

the anni gives +1 all skills and +10-20 all res and stats, along with +5-10% increase in exp gain.

when the event starts up, people sometimes tell everyone else(hopefully providing region, lad or non, and hc or sc). when it says “terror is about to be unleashed” you have VERY little time to make a priv game for killing him. so get to that priv game when it says “terror begins to form…”

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So I just make solo player games (I don’t join the lobby nor make games there). Do I basically just have to be logged on in hopes this happens while I am playing? Also, do you know how long he will be there?

I appreciate all your info as well!

Ahhh nice and will do. Thank you!

Thank you as well for the detailed info! This answers all my other questions I had.

Thank you also! :slight_smile:

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you don’t have to be in a public game, you just have to be playing online on bnet. everyone logged into a game(and not sitting at character selection screen, you have to be in an actual game) on the entire server and region gets the messages in stages as more stones of jordan rings are sold to vendors.

  1. Terror gazes upon Sanctuary.
  2. Terror approaches Sanctuary.
  3. Terror begins to form within Sanctuary.
  4. Terror spreads across Sanctuary.
  5. Terror is about to be unleashed upon Sanctuary.
  6. Diablo has invaded Sanctuary.

these messages will show up in your game on ANY difficulty, no matter where you are, and it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours to go from the first one to his actually appearing. it all depends on how fast people are selling the rings to the vendors, but usually if you notice the first few messages, you’ll have plenty of time to switch to a higher level character and go to hell mode to get ready.

he’s tough though, way tougher than regular hell diablo. you want as much fire resist as possible, and preferably a build like a smiter paladin or zealot with plenty of crushing blow so you can curbstomp him. i’ve never managed to kill him on my sorc or assassin.

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americas, NL, SC

been on “approach” for 3 days now lol

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i mean well yeah people aren’t going to randomly one of thier sell an “soj” and not spawn him.

so a group of people get together at a specific times with enough Soj’s to ensure he walks

for example we know a walk is going to take place at 1 pm PST on saturday (5/21/22) ( it was delayed from last saturday because lack of enough sojs to guarentee a spawn)

people pick a time and a server and they get a group together

and its MUCH easier than it used to be, it didn’t used to be realm wide

it used to be based on server Ip.

and since u cant choose server ip you all donated your sojs to 1 person and you made games just hoping you would land on the right IP.

nowadays its the entire realm so its much easier

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where will walk happen?

how do you know?

Then why did he mention anni games? I am pretty sure he talk about annihilus as it dropped a lot in price. Like really lot, there were like 4 walks in one day lol.

Check out D2R dclone hunters discord or the forum at diablo2.io

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I cant find the forum for it, and I dont know the discord either x.x

EDIT: all good! I’m on the discord now lol

what is the dclone hunters discord? i would love to join it!

I think it is here:

D2R Clone Hunters (discord.com)

The last dclone walk for today will happen any second now