What do I do with my necro?

hey does anyone know what Im supposed to do with my necro by chance?

Every area I can think to go, I have another character that does it better.

What would a summonancer be awesome at? Cows java does better, chaos hammerdin does better, keys sorc does better, baal barb does better, etc.


Test your hammerdin in Maggot’s Lair, Javazon against Baal waves, sorceress against Ubers, barb against Nihtlathak…then summoner necromancer in all these scenarios, and share your findings.
@Skulm might explain that more clearly.


Don’t bother with summons.

Necro is low key the best at everything. Faster even than Javazon at cows.

Take a look at Enpherno is doing with his Necro on YouTube and Twitch.

Enigma and Infinity Merc required.

Why would I test javazon against baal? I have a barb for that.
Why would I test my sorc against ubers? I have a paladin for that.
Why would I test my barb against Nith? I have a druid for that.

When you look at a bone necro vs a hammerdin. The hammerdin has a slightly higher dps, more hp, better def and block rate and the mobility of charge.

The necro gets an easier to aim as bone spear is linear vs the arc. The necro also gets 1000 physical hp shield for bone armor. Like wise a few points into the summon tree can get you a pile of mobile meat shields. Most importantly though the necomancer gets curses at will and corpse explosion. The fastest scrub clearing skill in the game.

It all depends what you are looking for