We're going to need more interns!

They’re doing some Battle.net platform tweaking. Game client update is likely imminent to address the new issues. (hopefully)

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Updates are in progress and connecting to a friend’s game may be sketchy until the client update has been rolled out to support what was implemented on the back-end recently. I’d expect this to happen soon.

EDIT: Also, I get you’re upset but snark and smart-assery will get you nowhere.

How do you know they are doing client update? They just had a maintenance that broke this yesterday.

The sticky posts at the top of this forum that apparently no one reads.

A sticky post from 5 days ago? The update from less than 24 hours broke the game. They have not addressed this yet.

On top of that, we have another client patch that we expect to hit next week which will offer better transparency on queue times by adding time estimates alongside your placement in the queue. We will also be implementing a way to rate limit games with varying times to ensure we can get higher amounts of players in during peak playing periods. This change will also give us a better way to adjust the number of players that can jump into the game during these moments.

If you refuse to read it to see why I said what I said then that’s not my problem.

EDIT: NVM, Jedi got you.

Varying cooldown on joining games instead of hardcoded 2 minutes and updating the queue faster has nothing to do with the issue in this topic.

The authentication issues from last night were “fixed” and the fix was to breakup people into subregions and no one can play together anymore

No, it doesn’t. But the updated client would introduce compatibility with any platform changes they have done which require a client update, including changes they have not mentioned. Platform update first, then client update.

You don’t think that splitting regions could affect queues and how games are rate-limited?

I think you’re more focused on being angry than trying to understand how this applies.

EDIT: Also, it’s a 60 second cooldown currently.

No, but there was no planned downtime last night and things broke after that was fixed. I wouldnt expect a client update that is already planned to fix something that wasn’t even a problem until today

Nice, they put version numbers on their patch notes now too. :+1:

It was rolled-out last night for EU/NA during low activity and is likely being (or has already been) rolled out for Asia since this is their low activity period.

Just because things aren’t working as you’d expect at the moment, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are broken as there are two pieces to this update: back end and front end. The back end updates aren’t going to function properly until the client update has been pushed that is built to handle the new architecture.

Do you have any source of a backend upgrade taking place? I dont see any planned maintenance. It also doesn’t make sense to change the backend that will break the game until an eventual client update is in place

So your “theory” is this was an intentional back end “update”. I have a theory. Whatever they did to fix the auth servers last night broke the sub regional server connections. Blizzard has no clue what went wrong or they would have pushed the client update to fix it already. Also, my sarcastic wit showcasing how inept blizzard is with launching this game is, in my opinion, fantastically accurate. 6 weeks in and my game still crashed when I join the lobby forcing me to wait in another 10 minute queue after having to wait in a 60 minute queue. Yea, bang up job team. Pro Tip - If you don’t like my opinion fix the game and I will play instead of posting here.

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You referring to that as “wit” is pretty generous, but whatever.

Stay bitter, buddy. :v:t2:

I can guarantee you this, Blizzard has more of an idea what is going on than you, me and any other John or Jane Doe in the forums.

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I would certainly hope so. However, my lack of understanding does not mean blizzard has a clue. And as the title of this thread implies, a bunch of free rookies could do a better job. Also, for the record, I’m not bitter. This is a large company with many resources that failed to allocate them properly toward the launch of this re-make. They didn’t anticipate the server traffic and openly admitted that. So please stop defending this company’s cash grab. They have the funds and resources to get this game running smoothly in less than six weeks, they choose not to. I’m simply pointing that out. Also, for the record, of all the games that I have played on launch day… this will be the last blizzard product I buy. -GLHF!

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I realize it is a popular joke to use, but interns are not unpaid at Blizzard, or in California overall.

They take part in a summer program that is paid salary/hours, travel paid, housing paid, and includes a lot of prof dev workshops and classes in addition to the work projects they take part in, which are designed for their experience.

California does not allow a company use interns or volunteers as free labor to do what other paid labor does. It violates the labor laws.

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This honestly sounds like they added more game servers to the infrastructure but haven’t properly coded the rest of the system to handle them yet, which is causing people to connect to entirely different game servers in some weird way.

It’ll probably work fine once they roll out the client patch.