Was there a surge of players to justify the new queues?

Everything was fine last week. I would expect a queue on the first day but it’s hard to believe that it happened 3 weeks later… Bad patch ?

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No, they are basically runign their servers on limited resources that cant handle us players… probably they didnt get funded enough. I think we all need to buy this game again so they have enough money to get new servers online.


The game was down every day for 4-5 hours due to massive issues from last Saturday until this Friday when they took some temp steps to reduce pressure on the Global database.

You can read about it in the pinned post.

The game was literally down every day for HOURS last week but anyway… Blizz did say in their pinned post that it wasn’t “just one issue” that was affecting the servers so i’m guessing whatever OTHER issue occurred last week, along with alot of players in general is the reason the servers finally gave out.

The only issues i had playing D2R was on launch day and then after that everything was fine for 2 weeks up until last week when the servers would go down at the same time everyday, so something definitely happened.

No, its just their own incompetence. Dont worry, now that they have your money they might take care of it

And those steps just gave you a queue screen to look at while until the game says you cannot connect to servers instead. So no real improvement.

The surge crashed the servers. We made 100000 games every 10 min lol

Its a combination of the Surge in Players with the way they leave and create games. People were spamming game creation too much for the server code to properly manage the requests.

I was fine with the queue when it was working. Now that it’s not working it’s pissing me off. GG blizz…

It’s like me when I’m in the game after waiting q, I am playing safe not rushing or checking game names

Should I write the CEO and ask him to please stop pocketing the money I payed for a server place and give me my server space?

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Initially, players werenot opening/closing games rapidly as they were trying to get to hell difficulty. Now that many are there, Blizzard ran into problems with a few hundred thousand concurrent players in the Asia region alone last Tuesday where many were doing quic runs (pindle I assume over and over again).