WARNING! Be cautious when playing during outages

If you think companies give away services for free for good PR, I’m afraid you are the one who hasn’t a clue how software products are provisioned throughout their entire life cycle.

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i mean , support what you are saying with evidences because , my man . you are so wrong

No, I and many others have done just that thinking they are safe. As someone mentioned, this may be a rollback, OR an issue with servers not saving before crashes occur.

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Never said that , but way to twist my words to evade the subject .

You did NOT pay for online or patches , sure the profit made by the game pays for it , but what you paid for it the game itself , thats it .

Ok thanks, That’s what I thought…

It would be for the courts to decide. If we bought it with the expectation of playing online with our friends, and the company marketed the product as such, and it does not perform this function, then we may be within our rights to get a refund under consumer law. I’m not a lawyer, but Australian courts are pretty good with this stuff.

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I cannot believe this issue has become so bad that the forums are flooded with negative response. As they sit here “sorry for that boo boo, we are here 24/7 to ensure the best player experience blah blah blah” lol.

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Server down and rollbacks are horrible to deal with, and I too am frustrated. I would imagine people at blizz working on this are not having an exactly easy time either. I am not sticking up for them, but I would guess it sucks for everyone.

Although the last rollback on Sunday actually helped my character. I entered one of the temples in Kurast and a extra nasty pack of snek dudes right at the entrace destroyed me and emilio mid loadscreen. I tried to retrieve my corpse but died twice more.
Lost a lot of XP and facing no gain back since not getting corpses back, I left the game and cut my losses.

Couldnt log back in and later when servers were stable, it rolled me back to a spot where I still had my Pul rune found before that, and all my XP back lol :slight_smile:

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No doubt it sucks for the technicians and engineers, but nobody is directing evil eyes at them. We are looking up the chain to the big wigs with their big chairs and their big bazonka assistants.


I lost a Nagle Ring and an Enigma i made yesterday. Very dissapointed in blizz with their inability to release a solid product, expecially D2 resurrected.


i lost a soj this morning because of that. i was disconnected and it turns out everything i had done during this game didnt get saved. very frustrating.

A potential way to check if your connection to the server is not adequate is try to imbue something.

Before I quit for the morning yesterday I couldn’t imbue a circlet I had. I thought maybe I remembered wrong about lower quality items. Nope, apparently it requires server approval to imbue. Makes sense that the server would take the opportunity to attempt a save your character.

In the character select screen sure enough rolled back, I thought I lost 10 levels and the progress from act 1 to act 5. Fortunately when I checked back later, I just lost killing Diablo, which was still kind of a pain to redo as a fire sorc.

But, what if you imbue and it happens anyways?