WARNING! Be cautious when playing during outages

Keep in mind my fellow brothers and sisters, that when you play during the maintenance or outages. There is a chance that the loot you acquire during this time may disappear due to unannounced roll backs. I lost an item I may not see again for a very long time to rollback.

Hoping this helps as I was extremely discouraged when I saw the item was gone.

The response from Blizzard does not match the seriousness of this issue, we are paying customers, and are expecting to trust the service we have paid for, it’s one thing to deal with down servers, etc. maintenance. But, to worry that items we’ve farmed, and acquired an attachment to, may disappear is a COMPLETELY different story.


Good point! Loot is huge, no doubt. But, you also lose XP and quests completed as well. It can be quite frustrating as hell.

I’m trying to be supportive of Blizz, perhaps mostly out of nostalgia, but it’s getting harder and harder to be a fanboi these days… :confused:


Thats the thing , you payed for a game , the online support is something that came with it for free and is in no way what you paid for … sadly …

You can play offline and never have most of these issues (yes i know it SHOULD NOT be the solution to server issues in 2021)

I mean one day , eventually the server will close for good and we’ll all lose everything that isnt offline …

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I still deal with lockups, crashes, and server issues.
Most occur anytime a loading screen(wanderer at sanctuary doors) appears.

It is frustrating to find loot gone, and progress reversed.

What would be very helpful right now is a Blizzard employee giving us a true update of the situation: What is happening…what is planned to fix it…a rough estimate timeline.
They have no idea just how important announcements like this would mean to the community.


expecting to trust the service we have paid for

What service are you paying for? This game doesn’t have a subscription. You bought a game that has a multiplayer option. This option is not guaranteed in the ToS you agreed to.

Just saying…


Moat likely its not a rollback. Just server fails to save before crash.

I only played D2/LoD online, in ladder play. Playing offline would mean I’m forced to play D2R in a way I never played D2. This is definitely NOT the “D2 experience I knew and loved - preserved…”

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Jup, lost a +lightning sorc skiller today :frowning:

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what you said is true and I’ve already been doing something else when the servers are up and down. Good post +1 people should have thought of this on their own really though.

So far have not been rolled back once not lost a single item level nothing at all.

We all knew they where not ready for release week’s ago.

Again the online is something they give out for free, you did not PAY and are NOT paying for that service . Im not defending blizzard either , its p poor service for a game they knew would be somewhat popular …

But people need to get this expectation out of their heads , they did not pay for online or ladder , they payed for a game which the company offers an online service for free , at their discretion .

New to the game (well not technically new, except I haven’t played in 20 years) but if i create an offline character will it negatively affect my account if I play that while servers are down?


you can use the rollback at a second shot at getting a decent rune from hell soulstone :wink:

#blessed #noioruneforme

No they are unrelated.

Indeed, i was about half a bar to level 90 when the rollback threw me off 2 bars… I just don’t understand why don’t they shut the servers down for a proper maintenance and only when it’s stable open them up again heck i wouldn’t mind waiting a day or 2 if it means this dumpster fire of a server is fixed so we can enjoy the game without the fear of losing progress/items…

The lack of communication of this company is beyond unreal…

Are you sure about that? Don’t you remember all the down time the original D2 and LoD both had? I sure do. Lots of time sitting and waiting for fixes and patching, etc… so yea… .this is true to the D2 experience.

Uh, that’s not the way businesses work at all (with the exception of loss-leaders, ya know, like dope dealers where the first one is free). Part of the price we paid for D2R is to cover its life-cycle costs. Part of those costs are the ongoing O&M, which will cover patching, servers, advertising, etc.

Since Blizz made D2R a game where authenticating through their servers was required, we’ve been forced to pay those ongoing costs. Blizz ain’t doing us any favors for providing server interactions that their own game demands.

Just as the game was buggy and largely unavailable at launch, we didn’t get what we paid for then. Now, 3 weeks in, we’re still unable to even play the game. We’re still not getting what we already paid for.

you are delusional, we paid for that service

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Nope , not at all , we paid for the game and that’s it , what comes after , server , patches are PR tools to keep good face so people buy your next product …

I doubt d3 sold enough copies to run its entire life cycle to still be updated to this day .

You either are trolling or clueless about how the world works when money is involved .

Go read your fine print , you paid for the game , how the profit from it is split has nothing to do with it , so no you did NOT pay for any service , just a game .

So, does it help to save and exit when you find something worth saving? Seems like it would not do any good on a rollback.

I was just thinking the same thing. I was about to start playing for the day, but not going to risk it since there are issues.

Already had my sorc rolled back twice on the first week, and lost hours of progress.