War Cry Barb - small change

please lower the mana cost for war cry…the build is almost there devs…just need to lower the mana cost a bit more please.


I completely agree and hope they consider the buff below…

War Cry

  • Reduce mana cost from 0.75 per level to 0.60 to improve cost-effectiveness

Agreed wholly. Either increase the damage or halve the mana cost.
The skill already stuns monsters, so it being what it is just makes the killing process take more time than it has to without much of threat to deal with.

it still needs more dmg. they just stopped halfway. I was really hoping that war cry will be buffed more


true…i know they won’t buff the dmg so i’m hoping for the mana reduc…ideally the dmg should be buffed a bit as well…


As they seem hesitant to buff the damage of War Cry, I hope they atleast consider reducing the mana cost.

Agreed. I doubt they will buff the skills damage anymore, but if they just made the aoe radius just a little bigger it would be perfect!


They need to reduce the synergies for War Cry. It’s 80 points to get mediocre damage…

At the very least, move the synergies to useful skills. Howl, Taunt, and Battle Cry become useless when the monsters are already stun locked.


good point. lots of minor changes to increase the build available to them - hopefully they can make a few changes…really love this build but the mana cost makes it a pain.

decrasing mana is not the point. This character really needs atleast 25% bigger aoe.

i agree. but it’s blizz…we’ll be lucky to get any changes. personally if i had to choose i would want the mana reduc. increased aoe and dmg would be great but i don’t see it happening. hopefully im wrong.

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Agreed, I would be happy with a mana reduction.

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Honestly one good change would be drop one of the existing synergies and swap it to find potion as well to use a full powered Grim Ward.

yes. just adjust the remaining synergies to keep the dmg. good point.

I think even 0.5 is quite alot. Rank 50 War Cry would still cost 35 per cast

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Hey, I’ll take a 0.50 mana cost War Cry and call it a day. :slight_smile:


I would say that’s probably the sweet spot where it should be cost-wise. Damage for that cost is something we can discuss further. Good example to compare for this in my opinion is Freezing Arrow since that got mana cost reduced, deals more damage and has potential to cover more ground than War Cry.

I was really hoping they scaled Singer to a decent spot, then I would have started ladder as that. After seeing that they held back on the mana cost and damage just demoralized me and I abandoned ship.

Let’s just hope the last set of changes will include a mana reduction to the Singer barb. A little change would have a dramatic effect on viability.

Im glad there is engagement - hopefully the devs see these great suggestions and make a few changes…gawd knows Barbs need a few more builds to be competitive. :slight_smile:

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Developers, please consider reducing the mana cost of War Cry to 0.60 to improve cost-effectiveness. Singer barb is a very fun build and is VERY close to be a strong contender, but its still to mana hungry.

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