Viability of bone spear nightmare-hell?

Following a max toll leveling guide for necro and they kinda want me to get into corpse explosion and stuff but im not exactly thrilled about thet playstyle and I’d prefer to main bone spear but im curious if that’s something people do and what are some gear I’d need to help ?

It’s not something you see often, just cause the AOE spell (corpse explosion) is right there, and it’s a bit of a one point wonder when you’re wearing lots of gear with +skills. Not to mention it’s a prerequisite to bone spear lol. So you HAVE to have it anyways.

A lot of the time just one point in CE gives you a 10 yard radius after you factor in +skills.

Bone spear actually has pretty good damage. 5-6k on a maxed out char.
Thats magic damage, so it’s almost always gonna be doing that amount as almost nothing resists it, and only a handful of creatures are immune. (Literally like 5 lol)
What hurts bone spear is that it’s essentially single target damage, unless you line enemies up for it to pierce.

I could see a pure bone spear build being quite effective in areas with narrow corridors which force enemies to form single file…
Maggot lair, arcane sanctuary, etc.
But any wider more open area, you’ll feel like you’re trying to pick off enemies one by one.

For gear, You will want to focus on finding equipment with +skills and faster cast rate.
Hit that 125%FCR and get as many +skills as you can.
Try to get a wand base with +3 to bone spear on it. Shop Drognan in act 2 normal.

If you get one of these and manage to roll 2 sockets on it, you can make a “white” runeword, (Dol+Io) which gives +3 PnB and +2 Bone spear, added to the +3 from the base wand, this gives you +8 bone spear just from this one equipment slot.

Even without the special base, this sucker is +5. And the runes are super budget, so you can make one now in whatever base you want, and make a better one later.

…. I’ve been running poison for ages, now you’ve got me wanting to start a bone necro lol

The main guide on Maxroll for Bone Spear shows 2 pts in CE and honestly that’s one point too many. If you are using the leveling guide; don’t, it should be just ignored as it doesn’t even put a pt into Bone Spirit.

You just need 1 pt into CE for the build, nothing more. The + to skills will give you the rest of the radius for when you use CE. If you don’t want to use it, don’t. It’s the best AoE and your clearing speed will suffer, but if that doesn’t bother you…