Very good point about items

on normal, certain items cannot drop due to the base level being high, for example, on normal you’re not going to get a thresher or colossus voulge, so then why on hell, doesnt the same apply? on hell you shouldnt be able to kill andariel and have trash like large shields and leather gloves dropping…

You can get exceptional items on Normal, from Baal for example.

There are many normal items that have relevance like unique chancy or goblin toe, also some low bases like crystal sword/flail ect, plus sometimes you farm gear for lower chars.

It would be a strange game if you could only drop high tier items.

no my point is more a case of one rule for one and one for another, this is why there are botters in the game, because people will farm endlessly and have items drop that can drop in act1 normal. there should be a block on really low items dropping anywhere on hell, unless they are uniques, for example as you mentioned, chancies should be able to drop on hell and rare gloves because they can roll good adds, but magic ones, no. no magic items should be able to drop on hell unless they are elite bases

Try looking at it from the journey of rags to riches. While in the rags stage one is limited to what they can procure. As the person climbs the ladder of life, the more affluent they become the more they are able to procure. So while a broke person is limited, the rich person is seemingly unlimited and can still procure what the broke person can.

Also, whether normal and exceptional are dropped in hell or not, it still wouldn’t change elite drops. Further, normal and exceptional magic and rare gear drops in hell with better affixes. Eg., in normal a Bronze Hand Axe of Craftsmanship can drop, where as a Weird Hand Axe of Evisceration drops in hell. They are essentially the same items i.e., they both have AR and Max Damage, but the quality of the affixes are significantly different.