Valkyrie Skill Sound (WAY TO LOUD)

it seems valkyrie just got some mysteries hatred just like her summoner…

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It’s literally the ONE-DAY-TASK to fix this! Or just you DONT LUCKIN CARE? How much time has passed since the first appeal?! Oh, 3.5 months?! REALLY?!

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It may be much more than just the Amazon/Valkyrie sound placement that is messed up.

Sometimes I hear monsters that sound like they’re approaching from the lower right of the screen. But, then they appear from the upper left instead. And the sound volume of the monsters makes it sound like they’re much closer than they really are. (Very confusing during game-play).

Another, obvious, example is in Lut Gholein. Sometimes I’ll be standing in front of my Stash, near Farah, and I can hear Drognan begin reading from his scroll. And the volume is loud enough that it sounds like he’s standing right next to me.

In the original game, you couldn’t hear him read until you got close to him. And the volume adjusted according to your distance from him; starting softer and getting louder as you approached him.

What Blizzard needs to do is reexamine the entire audio system of D2:R and correct how sound is handled.


100% agree. The Valkyrie is too loud.

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Ogo, interesting observation! Yah, in this case, it may take more time then we’ve expected… but it must be done anyway


Yea, that girl is a real screamer…

ok, just tried the ptr, still no luck here.

Of course not. Reread the PTR Patch Notes.

The focus of the first PTR will revolve around fixing database issues and making the online environment more robust and flexible under high-volume conditions. This test will be imperative, as it will assist us in stabilizing the gameplay experience ahead of the implementation of Ladder rank play.

It goes on to say:

DEVELOPER COMMENTS: To help us test these database changes, we encourage players to play and log in and out A LOT. Furthermore, it would be helpful if players could creator characters of different types (Hardcore, Classic, etc.). This will assist us in gauging the fix on our end. We’ll be providing players with level 99 characters for their first journey in the public test realm.

This PTR has nothing to do with fixing game bugs…   as far as I know.

Bumping this thread. REALLY annoying to listen to constantly.


i tried . i tried real hard to be a sheep. :wink:

Wow, as crappy as this annoying sound is, I am a bit relieved to see there are many others experiencing this issue. In any case, yes this is MEGA annoying,; like to the point of stirring up migraines! I mean I did have to resort to turning down the sound in order to continue enjoying my sessions, but it sucks even more having to turn down ALL sounds just to shut the Valk up. Anyways, this is starting to get to the point where it is not only annoying me, but my girlfriend as well. Nothing worse than trying to game on a TV with the knowledge that the sounds is annoying those around me.

I literally made this account so I could vent on this thread lol. I definitely never participate in forums, but my lord this sound is just THAT annoying.


Totally agree with the above posters!!! A fix would be so very much appreciated!

I really hope they fix it in the 2.4 patch. You invest 40 points into something you only use on bosses because the moaning is unbearable.

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Ya, it was definitely too loud. Devs definitely need to look into this audio issue.

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Please fix this one guys! I know y’all can do it!

I’d love to watch streamers or sometimes calming thunderstorm music while magic finding, but that Valykrie is too damn loud!

Still bugged…


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Just chiming in to say thanks for bringing this to our attention. Wanted to share this here incase anyone may have missed it

Bug Fixes

  • Audio
    • Fixed an issue where the Amazon Valkyrie skill sound effects were too loud

Now fix iron golem and necro summons disappears please. I hate losing my runeword items cos of iron golem disappearing.


or someone listening by thinking of p**n hehe

Thanks a lot for this fix!

Edit: On Nintendo Switch the sound is still too loud :frowning:

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