Update 1.004.000 on PS5 - Game unplayable

As an update:

So you may be prompted to update your client. This will put you back on the previous build but that should still have the ability to connect to the severs and play. The new build is being expedited.

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Still can’t play on ps5 after update
come on blizzard fix this please I’m in au patched at 4 pm est time yesterday it’s 6.51 est Australian time and they still haven’t fixed this issue,

Delete the game and redownload the game. It should installl in its 1.003 ver. which works as before. The new update is being rolled out as we’re being told so You can wait a bit longer if your connection isn’t fast.

I’ve redownloaded the game now, and it definitely works as the older version:)

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Set of users? It’s every PS5 user though right? I don’t know any PS5 user who can play online.

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I got friends on ps5 playing now

Hey mate. I’m in Aus too. I deleted the game reinstalled and she is all good

Da mucho asco el juego en PS5 en línea es imposible jugar ya me planteo desinstalar el juego sinceramente para esto mejor no lo hubierais remasterizado y estropear el juego porque ha pasado de gustarme a darme mucho asco

Seems confirmed it is EU players only…

I have mates on ps5 and after the patch they were fine. It was just me so it was pretty random.

I’m redownloading the game in a hope I can play a little bit today.

It would be great if you announce this temporary fix publicly on Twitter or somewhere for everyone to see. I randomly found this thread and Kalviery’s post hidden in the depths of this forum.

Hey Kalviery,
I have just tried to update but it says I’m updated to the latest build and still not working. Are you able to help?

Your the first Aussie I’ve come across I’m trying the reinstall now , lvl 90 pala locked grrrr
Thanks for info I’ll let ya know how it went dd

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Ok reinstall worked for me thanks for advice

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Blizzard, this is NOT only EU. I’m an Australia based played and having the same issue. So are all of my Australian based friends…

Have you tried the uninstall/reinstall that others have noted in this thread?

We added some clarification -

Por cierto solo hay soporte técnico si usas pc porque la opción de PS5 no aparece para poder hablar con un Mj y es imposible abrir la consulta te derivan al foro y ya pues heiteas si eso
Gracias el apoyo a PS5

Downloaded again the PS5 version, now It worx.


Same here, it started out a tad buggy and for every update it crashes more frequently or breaks even worse. :tired_face:

I can play for 5 or 10 minutes, then I get the Black Screen of Death! WT actual F Blizzard?
How can you guys keep screwing this up? Are you having a competition there to see how badly you can break the game?

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