[UI]Frenzy Barb Act 5 mercenary damage listing

The damage listing on the merc’s sheet has listings for both weapons, and also a static damage number listed in white underneath, regardless of whether weapons are equipped.
I made a video showing this issue as well as the reported issue with the portrait being incorrect as well.

https:// www.screencast. com/t/SHKKkb24LTb

Edit: I couldn’t link the video as the forum kept telling me I couldn’t create a link, even using some other tricks. Remove the extra spaces and it’ll work fine. Apologies.

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I’ve noticed the damage number bug as well. From what I could tell, the “centered” one is there when you first hire him, then the 2 other on top have been identical damage numbers even when equipping different weapons. The centered number seems to disappear after logout(s). There’s clearly multiple things being wonky with the mercs damage numbers.