Trapsin and Minus Resistances

Can someone explain how minus light resistance works on trap sins? I’ve seen people say thinks like crescent moon on a mercenary doesn’t help.

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Minus enemy resistances, like that found on crescent moon, only work for the wielder. Putting it on your mercenary will only work for them. The Conviction Aura and the Lower Resistance Curse place an effect on the enemy, so they do affect trap damage. Using Infinity on your mercenary will mean that the conviction aura lowers enemy resistances for your damage as well, but the other -55 enemy lightning resistances on Infinity will only work for the mercenary’s damage.

Minus enemy resistances on your gear do no work on traps because they are treated as minions. Shock Web and Fire Blast are treated as attacks from you, so they do gain the benefit, but none of the others in the trap tree do.