Transparency NEEDED for Login Queues!

I know @Blizzard engineers are doing a lot of work to resolve this ongoing fiasco, but where is the sticky post? Where is the main thread to explain WHY early morning (USA) is the worst time to connect and WHAT is being done to fix it?
I’m typing this as I’ve been waiting in a login queue for over an hour. My position has gone from 238, to 137, and now to 99. And I’m left GUESSING at the causes:
Idle accounts going AFK instead of logging out, because they don’t want to wait in a cue when they wake up or get off work? Why is there no kicking of AFK users after 20-30 minutes?
Scripted bot accounts farming 24/7 and hogging the server population limit? Why is there no mechanism to prevent that kind of abuse? Pop up a CAPTCHA or something after 4 hours of play and give a suspension if it fails, banning after multiple failures.
Are the servers struggling on the hardware end or the code end? What are the delays in getting things fixed? Is it a global supply chain problem? Is there an estimated timeline for solutions to be in place?
Currently there is absolutely no indication of when we will be able to play the game as intended. By which I mean: Start up, log in, and begin playing online in under 60 seconds; able to create a game, leave it, and immediately create another one because I’m trying get a town map with the exit where I want it for refreshing vendor inventory; server population dominated by active human players, NOT by idle accounts or bots. In the meantime, it feels like just another extended BETA TEST.
Players expect a comparable ease of access ONLINE to what is available OFFLINE. I just want to know WHEN to expect it. And a stickied, REGULARLY UPDATED master post addressing the ongoing fixes would go a LONG WAY in appeasing the rightfully disgruntled masses.

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Just tried to login position 319, be lucky to login by next weekend

Lol 1.5 hours ago I started at 323. After running errands I come back to 109. Imagine I still have another hour.

To OPs remarks I assume its bots thats never log out that take up alot of the spots. Also idle players since once you get past the queue, you don’t want to go back.

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I wasn’t too concerned at first, but it is becoming a major issue. I’m a reasonable player and even gave the benefit of the doubt when the queues first started and the wait was no more than 5 minutes.

However, the wait and delay to log-in didn’t really feel like it took care of anything. It was just an added annoyance to the game… in addition to:

Communication errors, bots, teleport rubber-banding, latency issues, dead games, game refresh rates being abysmal and not accurate, crashing and then waiting for another queue after said crashing - It’s just more issues stacking up with zero communcation.

I’ll still play and suffer through it all, but as usual… players deserve more if they’re paying for a 20 year old game with a filter. It’s beautiful, but playing can be exhausting or impossible at times for many. That’s not right.

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Thank you for sharing, Poly. :+1:

That’s not even close to what the OP is asking about/for.

What you linked is the post where they explained why they are implementing them.

What the OP (and many others) are asking for is an explanation of why we’re waiting a #$@%ing an hour+ to even be able to play the game and why it seems to be getting WORSE rather than BETTER.

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Yeah, I read that post last week, when it was still current.
My real point is that there is no daily digest version of it.
There needs to be the equivalent of a dev tweet stream on the forum, that highlights what the area of focus is and what their efforts should fix. Along with updates to a full resolution timeline.

That would change the community so much in a positive way, literally all they have to do is communicate and we can’t even get that.


Because its evening time over “there” and they need to farm their pay to win site items.

Meanwhile, I get up from my laptop for 5 minutes and get disconnected.
Back to #420 in the queue.

Everyone, start mentioning class-action lawsuits.

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lol blizzard already has your money. you really think they care enough to be transparent?? lmfao just look at the state of a twenty year old game. they can’t even do that right

Without checking, I’m pretty sure the terms of use/EULA we all clicked “Agree” on (because it was holding our game ransom) specifically waives all class actions in favor of arbitration or something.