Top priorities for v2.5

I want to start by saying that I’m very happy with D2R, in general. I never thought I’d see the day where we got an expanded stash, not to mention multiple shared stashes, as well as all of these other great changes and a reskin. I think V.V. has done a fantastic job with the remaster. This is a list of changes I think are paramount to making D2R “whole” and complete, before focusing on any secondary changes like gear, skills, drop-rates, etc.

In order of priority:

  • Loading screen times. I thought this was fixed in 2.4. Hardcore is a ghost-town because of this. If you test the game on anything less than a 1080 TI, this issue is obvious.
  • Fix in-game chat bugs
  • Fix lobby game list inaccuracies, and poor refresh algo. Stop showing games that are 4 hours old, or at least add a filter for it similar to difficulty filter.
  • Search/filter features for game lobbies. Example: Search “Baal” to show all baal games. Example: Game length filter
  • Bnet connectivity issues - This is mainly the issue where you are forced to click “Create New Char” and then back out in order to get the Online list to populate
  • Bring chat channels back to the lobby
  • Stackable Runes and Gems
  • Improve Create/Join UX - Example: Can’t press “Esc” to cancel popups like “Game no longer available” popup. Another example: When single-clicking a game name, populate it into the “Game Name” text box, like legacy did.
  • Allow users to bypass intro screens when loading the game via a setting. These loading screens can mean the difference between a player obtaining a torch/anni, and not. Sometimes the game crashes or needs to be restarted, and a player can lose their games. Shorten the time it takes to rejoin in any way possible.
  • Allow users to bypass cinematics between acts via a setting
  • All newly created characters should default to Ladder

Am I missing anything? What else is critical, that is not on this list?
Lower priority:

  • Under “Join Game” tab, if user has Password textbox in focus, the user can’t press “Tab” to change focus to the “Game Name” textbox. This is a subtle difference from Legacy to D2R, but it’s quite annoying. Shift+Tab works, but Tab does not
  • When clicking the “Lobby” button, cursor should focus on the Game Name textbox automatically
  • Slightly increase drop chance for Zod and Cham (especially Cham). Without mass botters, Zod and Cham are extremely rare to come by, and their use does not warrant their rarity.
  • Shorten the Delete Character timer/delay to 2 or 3 seconds, from 5
  • Add a filter to char selection for Ladder and NL, and HC/non-HC

NO to this

No to this you should default to ladder

all the rest is needed

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NO to this


No to this you should default to ladder

That’s exactly what I said

This would be so freaking good! I play normally solo and since one week with some nice mods. One mods let me stack runes and gems.

Its not perfect, but it helps so much… Before this i took max 5 rals / thuls / amns / sols and like 2 els / iths and so on. Now i can get every rune up to 500 pieces.

yep pls

na i think its ok atm. i dont need a higher chance for “more” chams or zods. If i need one of these i have to cube them. If cant do this, i have to farm more.

i understand this but i think 5 seconds are good. Better you “waste” 5 seconds than losing a character if you push your mousebutton “to long”.

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Meant to say shouldn’t

Don’t need to add more stuff to the game the game has always been power vs convenience stacking gems and runes will also be a dupers dream come true

“Power vs convenience” has nothing to do with the stash, that’s a completely different and irrelevant argument. I suppose you’d like to go back to the classic 4x6 stash because D2R’s 10x10 stash is “too convenient”?

No, stacking wouldn’t necessarily lead to duping.


Yes it would it’d also much easier


There is no duping in D2R, only bots. So this concern of yours isnt reality.


There is duping in D2R it’s been happening since the alpha testing

fix pvp they broke with their stupid hit anime recovery change

Crafting, an end game activity would greatly benefit from material stacking. Due to the rarity of gg rolls one really needs a lot of crafting materials and we have limited character slots ontop of it all.


the main issue that needs fixed is local IP and a Global server, and the global server was there main selling point for the game

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pretty much this! <3! loading screen times can be fixed manually should be implemented by default tho.

  • mature language checkbox
  • /p x commands
  • /f commands
  • general full keyboard support especially in lobby & in game chat window.
  • legally open up mod support.

You’re missing the most important thing of all the 20 character slot limit needs to be increased it’s the BIGGEST problem in this game right now. For me this is top priority over everything else you posted but I 100% agree with that stackable runes/gems idea.

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Agree with everything except stacking runes and gems

I loved everything you typed except increase zod and cham drop. I found those before jah. Everyone’s rng is different.

-Dont make us load a chat lobby that doesnt even work when leaving a game. The delay it causes you from joining a new game is annoying.
-get rid of ques i shouldnt have to sit in a que to join a game thats already up


I agree that this needs to be changed/increased, but I disagree that it’s a TOP priority. I considered adding it tho

Some people will be able to break in your home, so there is no need for doors. If ypur pay is increase, you will still complain, so no need for pay rise. People still lcommit crimes even with punishment for jail. Lets stop punishment for crimes.

  1. Fixing the movement bug in confined spaces near the edge of the map. Like duriel chamber, arreat summit, etc. - anywhere near the edge of the map the character stutters

  2. Fixing the left click attack, where killing a monster with LMB held causes your character to run towards the corpse (how to get rekt by a nasty cold+fire enchanted). At the very least do this for ranged.

These are the issues that negatively affect the core gameplay, a real downgrade compared to LOD. I am amazed how few people complain about them?

Additionally, doing something about DeSeis spawn point would be nice.

A technical change that must happen. When a game abruptly disconnects, make it try to reconnect! Like, my character is in the game, why cannot I join that game on that character? What’s the point of keeping the character in the game if the client won’t reconnect to it.

As for the OPs list I agree with everything except stackable gems\runes. They are not top priority, they are a controversial feature. I see the fun of not having them stackable (e.g. i am encouraged to always have a “baal charm” to dump excessive pgems into). Zod drop rate increase is also a definite no. Zod drop is always a magic moment. Making it more common takes away from the game, not adds.